Artists took on Donald Trump by actually building a wall near the Mexican border.



Artists Troll Donald Trump By Building Ironic Border Wall

Presumed presidential nominee Donald Trump may be happy to hear that his unrealistically thought-out border wall has started to be built—but his skin would probably go from orange to red when he finds out what it’s being made out of.

Working under the name t.Rutt, artists David Gleeson and Mary Mihelic are at it again with anti-Trump artistry. Last week, they erected 52 cinderblock, collage-like structures 20 yards away from the official border between Mexico and the United States. The duo told Hyperallergic that “the US side of the wall is made from materials that symbolize how our lifestyle in the US would be impacted.” All of the structures feature a Trump campaign sign facing the US side, and a cinderblock wall facing the other side.

The art not only schools Trump, but all of the supporters of the wall; teaching U.S. citizens how the deportation of 11 million people would heavily affect us overall.

The artists explored every angle of impact that such a wall would have, such as in the photo below. “Dead flowers represent how the flower industry would be affected, rotting fruit and vegetables symbolize the agricultural impact that would have on the country,” they explained.

The U.S. side to one of the Trump walls. Photo Courtesy of t.Rutt
The U.S. side to one of the Trump walls.

Gleeson implied that the cinderblocks also represent the interiors of detention centers, and that “that color symbolizes everything from ‘don’t get run over by what’s coming down the road’ to peaceful protest—’please come over and engage with us about Trump.'”

The project was built on land that was gifted to t.Rutt by landowner and (according to the New York Times) registered Republican David Landman. The duo referred to Landman’s generosity, saying, “It’s wonderful that through this art even the sort of brutal divisiveness that Donald Trump is creating can hopefully be bridged, as the country tries to find its way into the future.”

This isn’t the first time that they’ve pulled off an anti-Trump stunt. In the fall of 2015, t.Rutt saw Trump’s Iowa campaign bus was put on Craigslist. Mihelic told The Guardian that the duo purchased the bus and turned it into “Anti-Trump Traveling artwork.”

The vehicle was actually originally a party bus, and the Trump campaign never removed its built-in stripper pole (Mihelic and Gleeson also kept it, saying it’s a metaphor for Trump). On the back of the bus they painted the slogan “make America great again” in Arabic. It’s quite a pointed critique. They also added a slogan, “Make fruit punch great again.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.12.39 PM

Cheers to the small-handed Cheeto man! We’re with t.Rutt on this one.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Trump, unfortunately.

Images via t. Rutt

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