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1/13 — Dooz founders Rachel Borghard and Mia Kazovsky



Astrology Inspired Brand Dooz Wants You to Rep Your Sign Through Fashion

As a newly launched brand that centers its concept around astrology, Dooz introduces a fashionable way to represent your personality through style. Vibrant yet delicate, Dooz’s first collection features knit t-shirts and handbags with different colors that highlight the attributes of each sign. Milk interviewed the co-founders of the brand, Rachel Borghard and Mia Kazovsky, to dive more into their creative philosophy, inspiration, aspirations, and the process that drove them to launch a new business.

Rachel and Mia—can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Rachel: Mia and I met at Pratt Institute, where we studied fashion design and became friends. We always had similar design aesthetics and we were interested in the same things outside of fashion; we took jewelry and furniture classes together. We also bonded over getting our nails done!

I can tell that you are passionate about astrology. What was your first exposure to it and how do you think the increasing interest in astrology among millennials influenced your work?

Mia: I’ve always been interested in astrology, but more in peripheral ways. We believe in the concept that astrology and the zodiac help us feel understood and that we’re on the right path. It is very comforting. That’s what drove this blossoming passion for astrology.

Rachel: Astrology is definitely a trend right now, which is pretty interesting because the zodiac has existed for centuries. For us, the zodiac is something that transcends time, and that timelessness is reflected in our designs.

What inspired you to start Dooz, the brand that celebrates intersection of astrology and fashion?

Mia: We knew that we wanted to start a business before we launched the brand. We came together when we found ourselves unemployed and frustrated with the industry we were working in and had studied. We wanted to build something with more purpose than just clothes, but still approachable and wearable. And that’s when the idea of zodiac came along.

Can you think of a time when you felt your zodiac sign impacted your aesthetic or choice of clothing?

Rachel: My sign doesn’t necessarily dictate my style, but it’s definitely subconscious. I am taurus and I am very tactile, so I’m naturally drawn to clothing that feels good and fits well. My wardrobe mainly consists of cottons, silks, wools and cashmeres.

Mia: I’m very much in touch with my emotions, which I think is true across my chart. For me, getting dressed is an emotion-driven process, I’m interested in clothes that make me feel in certain ways—clothes that provoke memory or emotions. That’s how my astrology influence my wardrobe.

You briefly explain the reasoning behind the choice of color for each zodiac sign. Was this process difficult since some signs share similar characteristics?

Mia: We were always going back and forth researching each zodiac sign and color theories associated with the signs. It was a give and take between art and science—creating a palette that we thought will speak to the customers and represent the signs as well as the colors we were drawn to as designers.

Rachel: We found many overlaps in the characteristics and attributes of the signs—it’s not so black and white (literally)! That’s why we focused on highlighting the most important traits of each sign and selected colors that reflected those traits. For instance, Libra, ruled by Venus, is a very feminine and romantic sign so we felt blush was the best representation of that.

I love that you interviewed artists for each zodiac sign to highlight how their creative process has been impacted by their signs. Was there anything inspiring or surprising that the artists have expressed in the interviews?

Mia: Interestingly, the interviews emphasized that we are all a bit of everything. We all embody all the signs—it just varies to what degree.

Rachel: Also, an important aspect of Dooz is we want people to explore zodiac signs other than their own. Our campaign features 13 individuals, some wearing their own signs, some repping other signs. The interviews go more in depth about each individual and why they are wearing that particular sign. Our Scorpio muse is a Gemini, but their creative partner is a Scorpio. Our Virgo muse is a Gemini, but connects with Gemini since her moon sign is Gemini.

I think that the concept of this brand is also about self love—embracing yourself through signs and personality, which we should express through getting dressed everyday. Did you have this kind of vision where people celebrate who they are every time when they wear your items?

Mia: It’s very much about repping what you love about yourself, what other people mean to you, and who you want to be.

Rachel: “Self-empowerment” is the keyword that we keep coming back to. I’m glad that comes across!

What to do you want to tell young designers and emerging creatives to do/learn when they are young/in college?

Rachel: School is so important, but it’s not everything. When school ends and real life begins, that’s when you really start learning. An important piece of advice I would give young designers is to trust your gut, don’t second guess yourself, and seize every opportunity!

Mia: I totally agree! My advice is to look at your peers as allies. The creative industries are competitive, but there’s room for everyone—so find your future partners and collaborators.

How do you see your brand growing? What is your next project?

Mia: We definitely see Dooz growing! We will definitely keep Dooz focused on the zodiac, self-empowerment, and individuality, and expand the line. Everything is Dooz-able!

Rachel: Of course, we plan to expand our product line within womenswear but we also want get into mens and unisex because Dooz is for everyone! Additionally, we want to continue manufacturing in the USA. We have amazing partnerships with local manufacturers in LA. We are so fortunate to be working with them, and this kind of locality and strong partnership are what makes Dooz sustainable.

Mia: We are also interested in Eastern zodiac, so maybe we’ll move towards a more international scope of astrology in the future.

Check out Dooz’ website to see your monthly horoscope and blogs featuring interviews, films, and campaigns.

Images courtesy of Dooz / Joshua Aronson

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