Meet Oana Stanescu, the exhibit designer behind the CFDA’s new Circular Capsule Collection installation.



At INTERSECT BY LEXUS, A Fresh Point of View On Sustainable Fashion

“I always attempt to learn from the old, while searching for the new, not unlike being on a discovery mission.”

The complexity of sustainability and why it should be a given is a topic often at the forefront of Oana Stanescu’s mind. As the designer behind the CFDA’s Circular Capsule Collection (C3) exhibit, currently installed at INTERSECT BY LEXUS, Stanescu knows the value of pushing for a future where meaningful design and environmentalism intersect.

“The experience itself is the actual very intersection of the various dimensions: functional, material, sensorial, cultural,” she says. “None of these points work in isolation, and the richer the intersection, the more meaningful the experience.”

In official terms, C3 represents “a culmination of the 2017-2018 CFDA + LEXUS FASHION* INITIATIVE, a program designed to inspire commitment to transformative leadership, sustainable innovation and positive change in the fashion industry,” but in person, it’s so much more. From five of the program’s finalists we see five garments on display (and on sale), opening up a dialogue around socially responsible, sustainable innovation within the fashion industry. Accompanying the clothing is a video to explain the project and introduce viewers to the five designers: STUDIO 189, CIENNE, WHIT, M.Patmos, and St. Roche. Perhaps most compelling, all five garments have been sewn with Stella McCartney’s millennium nature yard, which is the first cradle-to-cradle certified Gold level wool yarn ever produced.

“The garments themselves, the very subject I was creating a space for, are based on the same premise like my approach: a practical yet powerful design that enables a unique experience,” Stanescu says. “My process is never linear and it does feel like a wild ride more often than not: at the beginning you have a vague idea of where you want to go, but really you don’t quite know where you will end.”

C3 is on view until December 14 at INTERSECT BY LEXUS, so there’s still time to see for yourself (and try on an item or two, if you feel so inclined). In the meantime, watch the exhibit video above and get more info on the event here.

Stay tuned to Milk for more sustainable fashion.

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