Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor Shares Her Craziest FW Experience

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor is one of our favorite gals about town. The model, DJ, and rock star scion – dad is Duran Duran  bassist John Taylor, mom is glamorous photographer and tv host Amanda de Cadenet – rolled up to the Adam Selman show in one of his adorable designs. Taylor was, shockingly, as nice as she is pretty, and stopped to chat with us about The Weeknd, fashion week reunions, and her oddest fashion experience.

What are you most excited for about the show?

I’ve never been to one of his shows, and I’ve been a fan of his for a while. So I’m mostly just excited to see the show. His clothes are so fun! So I’m excited.

What’s your favorite part about Fashion Week?

Someone just said this, but it’s kind of like ‘back to school’? Where you haven’t really seen anyone all summer and then you see everybody in a very short span of time. So it’s fun to see your friends and all that.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen in Fashion Week?

I once saw this poor man come sit in the front row because one of the fashion editors wasn’t there. And she showed up just as the show was about to start and a security guard had to come take him away and it was terrible. And he was screaming like ‘You can’t touch me!’ It was so bad.

You DJ all over the place. What’s a song that you’ve had to play in your recent playlists?

I’m really into the new The Weeknd album right now, but I haven’t gotten a chance to DJ it yet. ‘As You Are,’ I will definitely be playing.

What other shows are you excited for this week?

I’m excited for Calvin Klein, I’m going to Rag & Bone. Michael Kors, I love Michael Kors. But this is my most fun show. This is like where the kid in me gets to come out and dress up really fun. I’m wearing Adam Selman right now actually.

Stay tuned for more interviews from MADE Fashion Week. 

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