Attention #FutureHive: Future Just Dropped His Own Emojis

Watch out Kimoji: you got some competition. Future has just dropped his own set of emojis, and they’re fire. The emojis now allow you to text as your trap lord alter ego, or as Future himself (plus his many alter egos). The emoji set features him as a Wizard, a king (Lil’ Jon-style pimp cup included), Jesus, and my personal favorite, Purple Rain-era Prince.

Purple Reign x Purple Rain
Purple Reign x Purple Rain x Purple Drank

The pack also includes written song lyric emojis, like “Nobu Nobu Nobu” and “Bonjour?” which I will now be sending as my new version of, “New phone who dis?” There are also pictorial emojis that illustrate the song lyrics. A standout is Future in Gucci flip-flops slyly bumping uglies with a woman in stilettos, obviously inspired by the iconic line, “I just fucked yo’ bitch in some gucci flip-flops.”

Self explanatory

Even if you’re not into Future, the app is worth checking out–it has super cute emojis of Drake and DJ Khaled too. Major key alert. The lil’ guys are featured on an app called Moji Keyboard, which is free, but the pack is 99¢. It’s a good deal, considering pics like these are priceless.

Stay tuned to Milk for future emojis.

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