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Australia's Tampon Tax and Why It Matters

This week the phrase “tampon tax” has been re-circulating all throughout the interwebs. That’s because a petition began to gain momentum in Australia, demanding that tampons and other feminine hygiene items be considered a necessity, and thus untaxable. And now Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey is officially on board. He announced earlier this week that he would officially lobby towards making sanitary products exempt from taxation this summer.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 06: Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey holds a puppy at Kew Guide Dogs on September 6, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. With just one day left in the campaign the Liberal-National Party coalition had one of their first stumbles, by releasing a policy to implement an opt-out internet filter, but then abandoning it within hours. The conservative Liberal-National Party coalition looks set to form government in tomorrow's Federal Election. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Everyone with a vagina knows the woes that come with that monthly CVS run. No, not because it’s embarrassing. Despite popular belief, you’re not actually dishonoring your country by admitting that occasionally your body, much like millions of other people in this world, gushes blood. It’s more or less the fact that buying tampons makes you regret giving that homeless guy those three dollars the other day. Yeah being a good person seemed trill at the time, but now you’re broke too, and worse, you’re leaking.

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Your obligatory Carrie gif.

We don’t want a box of pads to make us question our morals.

“Feminine products” (picture the guy who came up with that line) are considered a luxury in most countries. We don’t really know why per se, but imagine it’s because most heads of government assume that if splash parks are fun, people with vaginas would love to have one in their pants.  In Australia, these items are taxed. Tampons receive an eye-bulging ten percent. Meanwhile, “necessities” like condoms and lube receive nothing.


America is hardly any better. It lets the states decide how to handle this issue, and so far only Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Jersey are the only states to have actively banned it. We all said it’d be a dark, dark day in hell when the state of New Jersey did something right. So do you think Satan is using a flashlight right now, or is he more of a candle and flame sort of dude?

Naturally, back in June when Canada came out as explicitly anti tampon tax, America just sort of did the thing that guilty dogs do where they avoid any sort of prolonged eye contact. Because then they’d have to address it, and then it becomes this whole thing and like… America just has better things to do. Like flavoring condoms with bacon grease and handing out Viagra for Halloween.


It goes without saying that this is a historic moment for Australia. The tax has been in affect since 2000, and in that time tampons have become so expensive that they are many Australian homeless shelters’ most needed item. But people don’t want to donate them because they can barely afford enough for themselves.

So here’s to a cleaner, drier, happier down under.

Cheers, mate.

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