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B.o.B. & Neil deGrasse Tyson's Flat Earth Feud Now Has A Diss Track

If you’ve been saving a wish for the next airplane you see in the night sky that looks like a shooting star, I’m going to have to ask you to postpone it. We’re going to need all the wishes on airplanes to stop whatever is happening inside of B.o.B.’s head lately. The rapper and apparent king of conspiracy theories joined the respectable craziness of Tila Tequila, and came out as a firm believer in the idea that the Earth is flat. We would’ve never guessed that washed up D-list celebrities would start partying like its 500BC this year. But then again, a billionaire xenophobe is also a frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination, so anything can happen. At least with the new focus on flat earth theory that’s been dusted off after centuries of misuse, we’ve been gifted with a fire new diss track from B.o.B. It’s fittingly called “Flatline” because, you know, the flat line of the Earth. Subtle, B.o.B.


Before we drop the beat on the hottest anti-science anthem of the year, it’s essential to talk about the absolutely beautiful Twitter beef that the rapper has been having. After posting dozens of tweets proving the theory of the earth being flat, famed astrophysicist and apparent crony of NASA and the Department of Defense’s coverup of the truth, Neil deGrasse Tyson came in with an open palmed slapback of knowledge. Centuries of scientific evidence wasn’t enough to stop B.o.B. from feeling himself and doubling down on his newfound title as Mayor of Crazytown so, naturally, he came out with a midnight diss track against Tyson that truly has everything.

No, really. The rap phenom wasn’t content to just say that the Earth is flat. His song also features lyrics that cover everything from mirror lizards and clones to the “cult called science,” and a strange quote from Tyson himself about Earth’s shape. Oh yeah, and he downplayed the Holocaust, and encouraged everyone to read the works of renowned Holocaust denier David Irving. It reads like the comments section of Youtube’s dark side, but hey, at least the beat will get your moving in the club.

It’s kind of beautiful that in 2016, we can witness a fight between a one-hit-wonder rapper and a famed astrophysicist regarding the shape of the Earth. I mean sure, it’s terrifying that people still believe in ideas that were discredited centuries ago, but everyone needs a hero. We can only hope that Tyson will respond with the diss track to end all diss tracks and shut down B.o.B. for good. Until then, we leave you with a taste of what’s happening over at the rapper’s twitter page.

Stay tuned to Milk for more conspiracy theories. 

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