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Bad Boys Are Sexy and Irresistible, Says Science

Great news for every guy who’s sent me a “wanna chill? *maple leaf emoji* “beer emoji* *eggplant emoji*” message on Tinder: science has definitively proven that women can’t resist bad boys! Or at least, a recent study has suggested that women are biologically programmed to be more attracted to men who engage in “risky behavior” like drinking, smoking, and casual sex. Same thing, really.

The study, which was led by Belgian researcher Eveline Vincke and is titled “The Young Male Cigarette and Alcohol Syndrome,” posits that women perceive men who smoke and drink as being more “short term oriented in their sexuality compared to nonusers,” i.e., straightedge dudes.

Vincke came to this conclusion by asking 239 Belgian women in their prime baby-making years (between the ages of 17 and 30) to read short profiles of men, which included their smoking and drinking habits. The women were then asked to guess each man’s attitude toward love and risk-taking and to rate each man’s suitability as either a long-term or short-term partner.

The women generally rated the men who drink and smoke often as both more attractive and more suitable for short-term relationships. Basically, guys who drink a lot are hot, but they’re also the hit-it-and-quit-it type. Duly noted.

Cig and scotch á la Don Draper: hot. But maybe don’t marry him.

Vincke also conducted a follow-up study to see how these women’s perceptions matched up to men’s actual mating habits. She interviewed 171 Belgian men on their smoking and drinking habits and their attitudes to sex, and concluded that “sexually unrestricted youngsters appeared to drink more compared to the long-term oriented group.” That means that women’s perceptions of sexy, drunk bad boys are pretty spot-on.

According to Vincke, men (perhaps subconsciously) use risky behaviors as part of a “short-term mating strategy.” Meanwhile, “long-term oriented” men who just want to settle down tend to engage in less risky behaviors, and women who are looking for long-term relationships tend to be “attracted to kind men, physically strong men, and especially men with resources and status” as opposed to the guy shotgunning a beer at a party.

Men of the world: if you’re looking to get laid, put down your yoga mat, throw away that kale smoothie, and pick up a 40 instead. Science said so.

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