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1/16 — Baja East by Christine Hahn.



Baja East Turns Us Into Their Baja Baes

If you’ve ever imagined what it would look like to see Joan Jett working on her tan, then you’ve gotten a taste of the Baja East’s SS16 collection for MADE Fashion Week. With oversized knits, overalls, and some saree like numbers, the designer duo gave us what we’ve come to love and know from them, but in a totally new setting. The brightly graphic background fell right in with the clothing, which featured a red, blue, green and white pattern that felt right at home with the tropics. Matched with the Zsa Zsa Gabor-esque knitted wraps and some silky sweet slacks, the outfits were accented with functionally sassy drawstring backpacks and tasseled fanny packs that made us wish were lounging on the beach. Our favorite unisex line came back with it’s classic deep v, A-line goodness, but made it better than ever by adding it’s fun-loving slouchy chic outfits. Not to mention the ‘BAJA BAE’ tees that we’re lusting after now.

Amidst an insane after show (which included photo-op breaks with Common, actual goddess Mariska Hargitay, and long-time supporter Miguel), we chatted with John Targon and Scott Studenberg about the evolution of Baja and fans as family.

Congrats that was incredible! This is your largest show, right?

Scott: I would say this was our largest, yeah.

For sure. What is it like to have the biggest show of your career with guests like Miguel?

Scott: It’s cool to have our fans and friends here, for sure. The word “fan” is a little weird for me.

John: Everyone here is a fan and like family. We’re friends with Miguel, he’s a really cool guy. We respect his work.

Scott: Same with all the editors. We are friends with them! They will call us for samples and call us for stories.

John: Even the buyers. People like Julie Gilhart and Linda Fargo. These people have come to support us. We’ve been working with them for years and years and years. It’s cool for, our “family” to come and be with us through this journey. It’s super exciting especially for us because it’s a continued build.

Scott: Oh my gosh it’s so amazing.

John: It’s a continued build of our brand and momentum, you know?

Yeah! I can definitely see the continuation from last season to this season but I want to know… It kind of looks a bit more urban in a way? What was the driving force?

John: I think we also elevated in the sense that we did these billowing pants and did our take on tailoring. It was a very graphic component but it was more refined and almost more “cocktail to evening” as well.

I want to hear about the wigs?

Scott: It’s like a grungy 90’s thing.

John: We worked with James Perse and then we did really cool makeup.

Scott: It was very fun.

Very Joan Jett!

John: Yes! Very Joan Jett!

Scott: We worked with our stylists and all came up with it together.

Well I loved it and I loved the color and I love that you included your signature blue pieces.

Scott: Yeah we love blue! We always end up using blue somehow.

BAJA EAST SS16 MADEFW – MADE Fashion Week | Facebook

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Photography by Mitchell McLennan, Andrew Boyle, and Christine Hahn

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