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Barbie Ferreira Reminds Us to Eat During FW [NYFW]

If you own an iPhone, you’ve likely heard of Barbie Nox. Born Barbara Ferreira, the teen curve model became an Instagram sensation a few years ago, with a feed that’s a combo of stunning selfies, solid pop culture memes, and a healthy dose of humor; Ferreira seems like the rare model that can laugh at herself (no offense to the male model I met yesterday who spent fifteen minutes holding a solo debate about the uses of creatine). After signing with Wilhelmina, her career has blown up, booking campaigns for Aerie and Lane Bryant, along with high-end shoots for publications like Numéro, CR Fashion Book, and W (we’ve shot her too!). She’s bubbly, a positive role model, etc., so when we saw her at the Chromat show at MADE New York, we had to catch up for a hot minute.

What are you wearing?

I am wearing a vintage dress that I bought for maybe ten dollars?

It’s so cute.

I’ve been mix and matching this fashion week. Like a lil piece with a two dollar loop.

High and low! So how’s your fashion week been so far?

It’s been really fun. Really, really fun actually. One of the best fashion weeks. I’m usually very overwhelmed with everything, but it’s been so much fun and so positive and I had a great time last night. My cover for Idol Mag came out, so we had a party! So sweet, all my friends came out. That’s the vibe I need during Fashion Week.

OMMMMMGGG !! @idolmagazine

A photo posted by barbie ferreira not nox (@barbienox) on

Was this your first cover?



I know!

What are your plans for the rest of the week?

I’m walking Addition Elle on the fourteenth, I’m walking Rachel Antonoff, I’m going to be in her presentation. And I have a few things to go to, but nothing too crazy other than that.

This has been a big year for you. What’s your goal for the rest of 2016?

I want to end it satisfied with what I’ve done, and it’s not so much a physical goal, but I want to make sure that I’m [doing] what I believe [in]. I don’t want to compromise or anything, so at the end I just want to stay myself, stay Barbie.

What do you like about Chromat?

I love Chromat! I actually shot Chromat for a few magazines, like for IdolI did it for the cover actually—and I also did Galore. My favorite pictures are in Galore, like my favorite pictures ever, it’s so cute. A lot of my friends are walking, so I’m excited to see it!

Do you have any tips for Fashion Week survival?

B12 vitamins, and please eat, eat well. Don’t forget if you’re busy!

Photos taken exclusively for Milk by Marie Tomanova.

Stay tuned to Milk for more hot minutes, and read our past installments here.

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