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Barbie Finally Introduces New Ken Dolls

After nearly 60 years of having to stick with the same tanned, blonde, blue-eyed bae, Barbie finally has some new options.
Toymaker Mattel has just announced 15 brand new Ken dolls, this time including a range of outfits, three different body types, seven skin tones and nine hair styles, as NPR reports. Now, Ken can also be black, Asian, Latino, multi-racial, skinny or plus-sized. He can be dressed in business casual or a tracksuit. He can have cornrows, or a… wait for it… ~man bun~.
As per usual, the good people of the ~interweb~ took to Twitter and Instagram to express their reactions to this long-awaited news. Peep some of the best responses below:

This looks like the doll version of my first seven Tinder matches. #SMH #ManBunKen #KenDolls #SwipeLeft

A post shared by JC Crockett (@r0ckettcrockett) on

Looks like Ken is finally catching up to his female counterpart, who just last year was also given a range of more diverse looks and body types. In fact, NPR reports that Mattel is set to release another 25 more diverse Barbie dolls. We should hope so, its 2017.
Source: NPR 
Images via NPR
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