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Barragán Blended The Myth of Sisyphus With 'Friends' [NYFW]

Based on his Instagram presence alone, we at Milk were stoked for Victor Barragán’s SS17 presentation for his eponymous line, held with MADE New York. Barragán’s taste skews to the dusty and dystopian; he also loves a good meme, and makes beautiful, otherworldly still lifes using fruit and piercings—they’re kind of like a “Diamonds Are Forever” ad combined with a post-apocalyptic Chloe Wise and the Demogorgon monster from Stranger Things.

We were first drawn to Barragán’s designs (the line was originally called Ytinifninfinity) via his hilarious t-shirts, featuring ‘90s tropes and movies. A tee featuring Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, weeping MS-DOS folders, proved to be a viral hit, while our personal favorite bears an image of the infamous Selma Blair-Sarah Michelle Gellar makeout in Cruel Intentions. But beyond the ability to make us LOL—which shouldn’t be taken lightly!—Barragán is a self-taught designer from Mexico City, and he makes modern, purposefully disjointed clothing, with unexpected cutouts and fabric combinations. He described this season as “a mix of military styles and see-through, lazy pieces,” and the collection featured looks like a deconstructed slip—half of which was in an orange taffeta-like fabric, while the other half was a holographic-looking PVC—featuring a chain of gold rings (a recurring motif), and paired with a leather zip-up thong. Wild.

A Sisyphean Set…

Models took turns pushing a large boulder (presumably fake, but who knows) up a white platform. The set, designed by Barragán collaborator Ruben Gutierrez, deliberately recalled the myth of Sisyphus. “The models also had grass growing out of their bodies,” said the designer, “So it was a mythic vibe.”

It’s in the Details…

Golden rings and chainmail were everywhere, hanging off of vests and inside cut-outs on a pair of leather pants. If Barragán wanted a mythic vibe, he certainly got it: think The Lord of the Rings and The Knights of the Round Table!

The Surreal Soundtrack…

The music was provided by underground Mexican club label N.A.A.F.I., for whom Barragán has previously designed some fiery merch, and who will also be providing music for the after-party.

Adding to Our Shopping Lists…

We were partial to some girly looks, featuring sheer, off-the-shoulder shirts over A-line leather skirts. A standout was a t-shirt that played on the Friends logo and read “Lesbian.”

Gender, Shmender

The Barragán presentation featured a variety of models, including Milk favs Richie Shazam and Torraine Futurum. And overall, the whole thing was beyond any kind of gender binary. “Gender neutral” seems like an outdated term in this context; it’s more like, gender? Who gives a shit.

Photos by Andrew Boyle.

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