Yuri Suzuki, directing his crystal orchestra. You, too, can be the conductor of a crystal masterpiece.



Become The Conductor Of Your Very Own Crystal Orchestra

Sound art, sometimes regarded as one of the more left-field categories of the art world, never fails to leave a profound affect upon the listener (viewer? Sound art terminology is confusing). Whether it’s the silence of John Cage or the robotic effects of Laurie Anderson, the medium is generally disorienting, thought-provoking, and well, kind of weird.

That brings us to Yuri Suzuki, a Japanese, London-based artist who’s been garnering buzz with his newest sound installation, “Sharevari,” which made its debut at Art Basel’s Designers of the Future show in Basel, Switzerland. Since the show was done in partnership with Swarovski, it was more than expected that some gloriously sparkly crystals would show up somewhere within the roster of work being exhibited. And Suzuki’s piece in particular embraced the crystal theme. Britney Spears would approve.

“Sharevari” is mainly comprised of a semi-circle of elevated crystals, utilized as instruments. It’s all very Miss Congeniality: essentially, the installation acts as someone’s personal orchestra, controlled and produced by way of personal movement. While the set up may sound complicated, the actual interaction is quite simple. You move your hands right, you move them left, and different sounds are triggered. Basically, you get your own personal mini-orchestra—no musical skill required.

Suzuki, who always works with sound, is familiar with pairing up seemingly contrasting materials and objects; things that are familiar to the human eye, but reworked to understand their other capabilities, i.e. a crystal that can make lovely music. Almost all of the artist’s work is interactive–pieces like “Sharevari” are especially delightful.

Art should stimulate the public, and Suzuki definitely did. Bring on the Swarovski.

Stay tuned to Milk for more sound art… probably.

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