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BERA Talks "Untouchable" And Global Stardom

On the edge of global stardom, BERA is refreshingly grounded, and expresses his gratitude at the first chance he gets. He’s real and expressive (though rarely so personal on his records), and currently enjoying the success of not one, but two new remixes (both born of the same original track, “Untouchable”). Hailing from Georgia (the country, folks), this pop star now calls many parts of the world his home, and between modeling and music, he can be found all over—both on the airwaves, and the runways.

We caught up with BERA to talk “Untouchable”, where he sources inspiration from (it’s quite simple: love), and who he would kill to collab with (he counts the likes of Ed Sheeran and Frank Ocean on his wish list, amongst others). Peep all the “Untouchable” remixes below (there’s six total), then keep scrolling for our full interview.

Congratulations on the release of two new “Untouchable” remixes! Can you talk about the inspiration behind the original track, and how it was transformed for each remix? 

Thank you Milk for this wonderful opportunity to be featured. The original record was inspired by a true life story as most of music is. I hardly ever speak about my personal life, so music is my vehicle for self expression. As far as the transformation, I have to give credit to the remixers for the incredible job!

So Untouchable was remixed by both Filatov and Karas and Sak Noel and Salvi. What makes each remix unique and set apart?

Filatov & Karas gave the record their signature Euro sound and Sak Noel & Salvi gave it their Latin influenced moombahton interpretation. Its amazing how both set of remixers created to completely different records built around the same vocals. It’s an honor to work with such talented people.

I know that you come from a family who also loves music and encourages you in your musical pursuits. How did that type of upbringing help shape the artist you are today? 

My family always supported me in my passion. My mother had this huge CD collection of Jazz, Soul, RnB and Classical music. As I was growing up, the “soundtrack of my childhood” was made of the greats such as Nat King Cole, Ray Charles, and Luther Vandross. I learned so much about songwriting, chord progressions, harmony, just by listening to them.

Aside from being a musician, you’re also a model. How did your modeling career start? Where has it taken you since then?

To me fashion is more of a lifestyle then a modeling carrier. I guess now I have one, since I’m signed to the Marilyn agency. I have been part of fashion week in Paris and New York a few times. That’s how I got noticed by different agents.

What are your biggest sources of inspiration for your music?

Love is my biggest source of inspiration. To me music is love. I don’t mean love in only a romantic way. It can be the love I have for my country, my family, or just the love of life!

Any dream projects or collabs—people you would just love to work with?

There’s so many talented people out there I would love to work with. Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Frank Ocean and the list goes on… I would love to be part of their working process, not just a feature when artists record their vocals separately and send sessions to each other.. I’d love to see how these guys start a song from scratch!

What’s the longterm vision for your music? What do you hope to convey or express?

I wanna show the world that no matter what language you speak or how you look like, there is a place for you. Today I’m blessed to be able to share my music and be heard.

Images courtesy of BERA

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