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Best of Beauty: Adam Selman's Subtle, Pearlescent Glow [NYFW]

When it comes to beauty, we believe that less is always more (interestingly, the same is not true of underwear or those really good peanut flavored Nature Valley bars; when it comes to either of those, less is simply less). Don’t get us wrong; we love an audacious cat eye—or better yet, a glittering red lip à la Pat McGrath. But it takes a certain level of skill to deliver a quietly subtle beauty look that’s as moving and mesmerizing as its much bolder counterpart. And that is exactly what went down yesterday at Adam Selman‘s show at MADE New York. Working within a rather narrow color palette, makeup artist Emi Kaneko managed to whip up beauty looks that made the girls look as if their cheeks were essentially radiating an incandescent light. Thinking back, words like luminous and pearlescent come to mind—but enough out of us; we’ll let Kaneko do the explaining.

I heard you talking about pearls?

Yeah it’s like a pearlescent highlighter, and I added a touch on her cheekbone, and then a little touch on the inner corners of her eyes just to kind of open it up and then on the bridge of her nose. It’s all MAC.

What’s the general vibe that you’re going for with the beauty look?

It’s like a little nod to the ‘80s, but with a current feel.

Cool. What are some of your favorite beauty looks of all time?

I mean I have to go classic with this one—it’s either a black eye, like a penciled in black eye, but more punk, or a clean, red lip. That’s definitely not this. [Laughs].

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And how did you prep their faces? 

The prepping of the skin is the most important part. You have to make sure their skin is fresh, clean, moisturized, toned, so we did all of that beforehand.

What kind of products did you use?  

[We used a little bit of a light] toner. You just use a cotton pad, go over it, clean everything up. It takes away any dead skin or extra makeup. And then we go in and [fully] tone. [And] at the end I just do a little bit of Fix + after the powder. Because that brings all the makeup back into a natural skin tone, versus a powdery look—it just kind of makes it look like you’ve been wearing it all day.

And can you share any of your personal beauty tricks?

I’m big on skin, so I do a little face massage thing in the morning. So whatever skincare that you’re using, I just kind of go in and wake my face up, bring the blood back into the face and do a little face massage with the moisturizer that you’re using. I do it for like five minutes so it’s like a whole thing, but it’s definitely my little trick in the morning.

Photos shot by Andrew Boyle and Marie Tomanova.

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