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Best of Beauty: Cop the Colossal Braids at Ottolinger [NYFW]

If one hears the phrase “single floor-length braid,” the mind might immediately jump to something like “cult member,” or “sister wife.” But at the Ottolinger show at MADE New York, models wore snake-like, coiled braids that reached their feet, and the effect was anything but Duggar-like. The braids, which were thick and a tad unruly, looked a bit like if Rapunzel went on a bender, and they were perfect for Ottolinger’s deconstructed, purposefully fucked up clothes.

They were made of 80-inch-long fiber hair from Janet Collection (three packs were used to make just one braid), which hairstylist T. Cooper then folded in half and interwove with fabric. “The concept came from a really cool street girl who wants to stand out, so we’re doing floor-length ponytails,” said Cooper. “What better way is there to stand out than with a floor-length ponytail?”


Cooper says that the look can be replicated at home. “I say go for it! Do it the exact same length,” she said. “Why not? All you need to do is slick your hair into a really tight ponytail, and then fold the [fiber] hair over it and just pin it in place. It gets pretty heavy, so some people would braid it in with their hair, but I would say pin it on top of the ponytail just so that it isn’t really, really heavy, and then just braid down. And when you’re done with the first pack of hair, once you’ve braided down to maybe about six inches, that’s when you can add another pack of hair, and then another pack of hair, and then when you get to the end, rubber band it off. And we’re intertwining fabric in there. So it’s really, really cool.”

Photos shot by Andrew Boyle and Marie Tomanova. Gif by Bonnie Wang

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