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Best of Beauty: Gypsy Sport Gave a Powerful Shoutout to Diversity

Gypsy Sport experiments like an amphetamine-fueled Dr. Frankenstein—with designer Rio Uribe‘s playful, unisex designs, yes, but also with the beauty looks for his shows. In the past, he’s sent his models down the runway in mascara that looked like it was slept in and lips that resembled that of a mime.

Uribe is known for his delightfully diverse cast of models, and it was no different for his MADE Fashion Week Fall/Winter ’16 show. In fact, it felt even more apt today given the skin tone inspired collection. And it was skin tone that was the starting point for the beauty look today, conjured up by makeup artist Erin Parsons, with the help of Maybelline. Between detachable forehead mustaches and elaborate piercings that could rival King Tut’s were bold, thick coats of eyeliner in various colors and lips as glossy as a BP oil spill. I confabbed with Ms. Parsons backstage to find out more.


So what’s the makeup look you guys are going for today?

It was based on this sort of sleepy eyeliner that he had shown me—sort of a thick black liner, kind of going downward a little bit. So we started out with the Master Precision black pencil, and we drew the shape on, and then we took the Master Curvy.

Sorry—the Master Curvy?  

The Master Precise Curvy. It’s really simple because of its actual curves. So we drew the shape [and] filled it in really quickly. Some girls got black eyes, some got blue, some got brown. And if they got black eyes, they got red lips. Blue eyes, brown or natural lips. And then brown eyes, blue lips.


Nice! How does it complement the looks in the collection?  

The whole aesthetic [of the collection] is based on skin tones. So it’s this color palette of browns, nudes, [and] neutrals, mixed in with little pops of blue. So the black and red is more that standout piece and then everything else complements the clothes.

Oh, and lacquer lacquer lips at the end! Color Jolt “Are You Ready” is the red color we’re using for the lips.

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