Erin Parsons summoned the powers of Maybelline for this snowed-in look.



Best of Beauty: Jonathan Simkhai Brings You Frosty the Snow Queen

Few things force you to reassess your life and realign your priorities like a brutal dip in temperature. When you’re trying to go about your normal day in four-degree weather, things that would’ve normally left you repulsed—snoods, cowls, or your gyno, for instance—don’t look so bad after all. So when this weather does, on very scant occasions, bring some good, it goes a long way. Just ask Erin Parsons, the makeup artist at the MADE Fashion Week Jonathan Simkhai Fall/Winter ’16 show today. For the beauty look, she channeled the pretty, flushed cheeks and seductively coy snow bunny look you get when you spend exactly 40 seconds outside in this weather. Anything more than that, and you enter rosacea, crusty nose, and chapped nipple territory—and you’ll need about two tubs of Vaseline, three combination wrenches, and a carbon monoxide detector to reverse that.

Parsons summoned the powers of Maybelline to complement the collection’s visibly winter aesthetic—even sprinkling fake snow on the lashes.

Amidst the backstage furor, I was able to ask her a couple questions.

The snow speckled lashes, which Erin made with something called Ice Powder.

I see that you’re doing a snowy look? 

We’re just adding a little bit of snow on the tips of the lashes. Like they just came from outside.

Cute. Aside from that, what’s the general look you’re going for?

It’s a bit of a romantic, sort of blush-y look. Like, not really wearing makeup. The idea is that they look really fresh and gorgeous, and sort of angelic.

What are you using for the snow?

The snow is actually a special effects product they use in movies and stuff. Then I’m just making the skin dewy, making the cheeks glow-y and flush.

Yas (ice) queen.

And how does it complement the clothes?

Well when you see the clothes, they feel very winter. They feel very warm, like nude tones. It feels like a woman who’s sort of just come from outside, taken off her coat, she’s a little disheveled, and yet the gown is stunning. The clothes are so beautiful.

Do you have a beauty or skincare product that you recommend, that you can’t live without, or that you always have with you?

I would say one thing I’m obsessed with right now that I’m using on everybody is the Master Strobe Illuminator from Maybelline. It’s making the skin glow.

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