The makeup at MAISON the FAUX looked like the Na'vi went to a ball. We spoke to Yuui, the makeup artist behind the alien-like beauty, to get the lowdown on the looks.



Best Of Beauty: MAISON the FAUX's Alien-Like Makeup

MAISON the FAUX’s presentation was unlike anything we’ve ever seen, with a troupe of stunning, otherworldly models gathered around a backdrop covered with tits and dicks. The alien effect was due in no small part to the makeup, done by Milk fave Yuui. The models glowed, their faces covered in pink and blue highlights. They looked like the Na’vi at a voguing ball. Glorious. And thus, we spoke to Yuui to get the lowdown on the looks.

What’s the inspiration behind the makeup?

So MAISON the FAUX, their focus was skin, and they suggested very glowy texture. That’s been popular recently, highlights and everything. And I loved it, but I wanted to add an interesting twist, and I decided to have a little color bomb of pink and blue because they were using those colors. It was fun, and I wanted it to be a “Born This Way” kind of thing, like they are embracing this, they are living this.


Who was the makeup sponsor?

It’s Make-up Studio. It’s a European company, I love their products. It’s all shimmery and it stays, and it’s beautiful and subtle enough, but it’s powerful which I really love.

What was the inspiration? Were you looking at aliens?

I did look into aliens and stuff [Laughs], but it was very difficult for me to imagine before I saw the clothes, and then everything came together. I didn’t know the designer [at first], so when I went to the makeup test, I realized we understood each other, we can do this, it’s going to be great and then we did everything. And then all the models are such individual, beautiful, talented people. So I was inspired by them as well.


Did you have a particular favorite?

Of course the goddess! But it’s not nice to have a favorite. [Laughs]

Where do you think people can wear these looks?

Oh yes, definitely! Definitely to the deli, to grocery shopping, to coffee shops. [Laughs] But I just really want to give out the message to embrace who you want to be, who you are, and that’s amazing. The easiest thing to change is makeup and the hair and appearances. Fashion has power.

For more MAISON the FAUX, check out our recap here.

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