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Bid On A Voicemail From Sia & Raise Money For Syrian Refugees

It’s easy to get distracted during the holidays. Gimme this, gimme that. I’ll give this, I’ll give that. Our intentions are good, but sometimes we need a little direction. Shop for Syria, which launched Monday, December 7th, promotes gift giving for a good cause. The seven-day, eBay silent auction is offering extraordinary prizes in support of the refugee emergency in Syria. (And, by extraordinary, I really do mean extraordinary: A Craig Redman and Karl Mair printVersace Palazzo cross-body handbag, a limited edition copy of Henry Miller’s The Nightmare Notebook, and a personalized voice message from Sia. YES, SIA.)

Craig Redman and Karl Mair print up for grabs.

On September 3rd, the photos of drowned child Aylan Kurdi brought an enormous amount of attention to the refugee crisis, and over four million Syrians migrated to the U.S. and European countries. Like many others worldwide, New York City-based creatives Kate Atkinson, Alexandra Fletcher and Anne Ryan were appalled. “There are currently around 60 million people fleeing war, conflict, and persecution in the present crisis in Europe,” states Shop for Syria.

“When we heard [about] the emergency with all the refugees and everything that happened following Paris, we felt compelled to raise funds in such a time,” Atkinson told Milk. “We felt really compelled to support them, and raise money, and it made sense to do so during the holidays.”

Atkinson, Fletcher, and Ryan gathered for drinks and brainstormed ideas on how they could build off a previous benefit, and raise awareness for the refugee crisis. “The holiday sale evolved from one that we had done in the past for the Philippines Typhoon. We built on it bigger and better, and utilized all our network and skill set.”

The bubbly and ideas kept flowing. “We started thinking of crazy ideas, like, Maybe we can do a tour with someone. Maybe we can contact Sia, a friend of ours, to record some voicemails. Then it went from there…She responded right away and said, ‘Yes! I’d love to help.'” The ladies partnered with UNHCR, and tapped into their relationships with brands that they’ve forged throughout their careers in communications, marketing, and production.

Pamela Love, one of the many designers who partnered with Shop for Syria.

The range of gifts vary in price, size, and art: There are a pair of tickets to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, a weekend stay at SoHo Grand, a Pamela Love voucher and cuff…All perfect gifts, on top of the gift of supporting a good cause. Gifts on gifts. “We really wanted to be a good cross section of experiences that people would want during the holidays,” she said.

What’s amazing is that 100% of the proceeds are going to the U.S. branch of the UNHCR. A little breakdown to keep in mind, when thinking, ‘what can you do with the dinero?’: $30-50 can provide thermal blankets and sleeping bags, $110 can provide ten families with synthetic mats for protection, $240 can offer eight refuges emergency rescue kits, and $550 can provide a tent for a family. The auction ends on Tuesday, December 15th. What are you waiting for: Shop for Syria?

Images via Shop for Syria and Egyptian Streets.

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