Big Boi + Phantogram Form Supergroup, HYFR!

We’ve been freaking out over the announcement of the Big Grams – and no it’s not just referring to a mountain of cocaine. Hip hop legend, and one half of the iconic duo Outkast, Big Boi has teamed up with the nouveaux angst alt band Phantogram to release a seven track EP on September 25. On top of that, Run the Jewels and Skrillex have their own guest features on two of the tracks. The hype level of this release is through the roof after the musicians sat with Pitchfork to talk about the release. Here’s the stuff we’re most excited for:

It’s nothing like a Phantogram or Big Boi album

If you’re coming to this album just to hear Big Boi rapping over Phantogram’s electronic wubs, you’ll be in for quite a surprise. “Well, really the whole idea behind it is something completely new that pushed ourselves to do other things that we may not necessarily do on our own records,” Josh Carter of Phanto-fame tells Pitchfork. Both musicians have been very specific about identifying Big Grams as something completely different from any other their solo works. It’s going to be out there guys.

Big Grams was in the stars from the beginning

Hardcore fans of Outkast know how important the album Aquemini was for hip hop. The birthplace of classic tracks like ‘Rosa Parks’ and ‘SpottieOttieDopalicious,’ the EP’s influence has even be seen in Kendrick‘s Good Kid, M. A. A. D. City, where he implements similar spoken dialogue tracks. The title of the record is an astrological shout out to the rapper’s zodiac signs (BB is an Aquarius and Andre is a Gemini). Sarah Bartel, leader singer for Phantogram, tells Pitchfork, “We’re  an Aquemini, too, because Josh is a Gemini and I’m an Aquarius and we felt like that was a connection on another level.” This union was clearly divine in nature.

There’s more Big Grams coming

Some of the greedier fans have been disappointed to get only seven tracks from the holy union, but never forget that patience is a virtue. Double B also sat with Pitchfork and said, “We got a gang of ideas and a whole vault full of music that is kind of unfinished and kind of scraps of ideas right now that we’ll embellish on in the future.” We haven’t even heard the first EP yet and we’re already lusting for more.

Big Boi sings, Phantogram raps!?

Ever wonder what the Bizzaro world in which Phantogram was the rap duo and Big Boi fronted an electronic band would be like? Well wonder no more kids – Bartel informs us that “there’s songs that I rap on, there’s songs that Big sings on. There’s songs that Josh raps on.” That’s right – we’ll hear Big Boi’s smooth ass rhythm in singsong form. On the flip side, we also get to hear Bartel spit some hot bars with Carter. Bartel keeps it humble though saying, “It doesn’t sound pretentious in any way, because we just wanted to do whatever the fuck we wanted to do.”

Image of Big Grams via Associated Press, live shot by Evan Carter for DopeMag

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