Reminiscing on The Don’s most memorable looks in honor of his latest vid, "Moves."



Big Sean’s Got Moves: Revisiting His Greatest Video Style Moments

In anticipation of his latest album, I Decided (set to drop February 3), Big Sean has released the first blessing of 2017—”Moves.” Full of meme-worthy moments and out-of-this-world style swag, “Moves” doesn’t disappoint—on the contrary, after a year of very sad jokes of the political variety (and very dope comebacks of more nasty proportions), it’s the collective dose of chill we all desperately needed.

In celebration, we’ve rounded up five other style moments from Big Sean music videos past to get you in the mood for the new year—one, it seems, of good humor and good style. May the trend carry on through 2017 and beyond.


Big Sean’s latest video is dominated by not one, but two, of the dopest jackets to hit the hip hop scene since Sean Paul (no small feat). An initial black oversized jacket paired with burgundy velvet drop-crotch sweats is succeeded by a light pink silk embroidered souvenir jacket, and what follows is a pretty self-explanatory result: double the fashion, double the fun. big-sean-moves-video-1483562140“Paradise”

The irony of “Paradise” is that this vid is far from it—at least practically speaking. We find Big Sean and his girl posted up in a, shall we say, less-than-heavenly hazy motel room, complete with bare mattress and box spring, barely-hanging-on artwork, and a trashed floor. Sean Don sports an all-white jacket/jean combo with camo underneath, in sharp contrast to the scene before him. A clever juxtaposition, or simply a convenient OOTD? You be the judge. big-sean-paradise-music-video-0“Guap”

It’s 2012: Big Sean revisits his hometown of Detroit, Michigan (and shuts down most of the city in the process), for “Guap,” the first single off of Hall of Fame. If ever there were a time to be subtle, this wasn’t it: decked out in full Detroit swag, this rapper knew the message he wanted to send, and he sent it full speed ahead (atop a yacht, because why not). BigSean-Guap“Dance (A$$)”

For Dance (A$$), Big Sean recruits none other than the queen of booty perfection: Nicki Minaj (who else?). To accompany her presence, Big Sean stands dripping in gold chains and dons all blackbecause God forbid anyone distract from the main attraction—and the intro is complete. It’s his debut studio album, Finally Famous, and Big Sean’s not stopping ’til he gets to the top (of the charts, that is). maxresdefault“IDFWU”

Big Sean dropped a total of four songs (“I Don’t Fuck With You” being just one of them) on the day that his signing with Roc Nation (and subsequent departure from GOOD Music) was announced. The result? A onslaught of tracks that the hip hop world quickly devoured. Big Sean hit all the right notes with his athletic-themed IDFWU vid, complete with cameos from both directors, Kanye and DJ Mustard. Simply put: we saw Sean Don’s sporty side, and we liked it.23PLAYLIST4-master675Images via GOOD Music, Def Jam Recordings, and Roc Nation

Stay tuned to Milk for more music video style stalking. 

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