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Bill Cosby Sues Accusers for Ruining His Life, & We Can't Believe It

Guess who’s back in the papers this morning? That’s right, it’s America’s least favorite TV dad, whose utter need to sink lower in society is perhaps even greater than Donald Trumps inescapable urge to be a racist. Bill Cosby, accused rapist of over 50 women, is now suing seven of them for “defamation of character.” Because nothing says “innocent” quite like 50 different people with similar stories facing excruciating harassment, just to tell the world what a terrible person you are. In my opinion, he’s as innocent as trash can be.

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That is, not very innocent at all.

Tamara Green, Therese Serignese, Linda Traitz, Louisa Moritz, Joan Tarshis, Angela Leslie, and Barbara Bowman are currently suing this literal heap of flaming hot garbage for the defamation their own characters. When the rape allegations first began to trickle in, he had his publicist denounce the women on the grounds that they were simply making it up for their own gain. It’s hard enough for  some women, for a range of reasons (like feeling helpless or embarrassed), to report their rape. 

Cosby was reportedly in talks with both Netflix and NBC when the the accusations broke. And now that both stations have dropped him, he’s a little in his feels. So much so, in fact, that he felt the need to counter-sue. According to his lawyer, “As a result of their false, opportunistic and malicious accusations, Mr Cosby’s reputation has been irretrievably damaged, and his planned re-emergence to network television destroyed as they intended.” 

Funny, isn’t it? How ruining a few dozen people’s lives comes back to bite you in the ass?

But like, no tea or anything

If you’re feeling a little desperate during finals season, remember that you will never be quite as desperate as Bill Cosby. Never, in your entire life.

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