Bill Nye with his new fashion collaborator Nick Graham.



Bill Nye the Science Guy Made a Bowtie Capsule Collection

As any proper child of the 90’s knows, Bill Nye was the bomb. He was charismatic, he was witty, and he made all of the terrible science lectures from your teachers into the most fascinating fun time around. But what we often forget is that homeboy was dapper as hell, serving bowtie realness in every single episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Bill Nye, making us smarter one bowtie print at a time.

But be jealous no more: Bill Nye has partnered with designer and former Joe Boxer chief Nick Graham for an entire capsule collection of bowties. There are of course classic polka dots and stripes, but being a science-centric collection, there will be prints like the Periodic Table and even Bill Nye’s head.

Graham said in a press release that Nye was a natural fit for a bowtie collaboration as “he is probably the most visible person in the world who wears bow ties.” Proceeds from sales of the bowties will go to Planetary Society, one of Nye’s nonprofit organizations, so you can feel good about contributing to space research as you rock your ultra-science gear.

Visit Graham’s website here for the full selection of Bill Nye bowties.

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