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Blanca Miró Scrimieri Brings VASQUIAT to NYC

VASQUIAT is the site for fashion lovers to get their hands on collections before release. To be apart of this online fashion club is to get first access as well as exclusive discounts on up to 70 different brands from all over; the earlier shoppers order the more they save. By gathering early insights into what their customers want, VASQUIAT is able to mark down their prices and promote sustainability and selective production on the brand-side. Shoppers also have the opportunity to shop curated in-season collections. Despite having such a heavy online-based business, VASQUIAT made its way to New York City for their first pop-up store.

Milk caught up with VASQUIAT Co-Founder and Fashion Director, Blanca Miró Scrimieri and CEO Rafa Blanc during the company’s very first pop-up on Soho’s Broome Street. The Spanish influencer talked collaborations, the success of VASQUIAT’s first pop-up, and her inspirations outside of fashion.

Firstly, tell us how your NY pop-up went. You’ve said you wouldn’t open a permanent store for VASQUIAT – did this change your opinion or strengthen it?

The pop up was a success. It was the first thing we did in New York and we had an amazing welcome there. We knew we had a lot of clients there and that was a potential city to make noise. NY is a strong city where everyone is very open-minded and are open to discovering new places in fashion and niche designers. 

We are not thinking for the moment to open a permanent store for VASQUIAT, actually, we think that the future is online and the new generations coming will shop online so we’re going to keep on this. It’s always good to make different pop-ups around different cities so they have the oportunity once every x time to shop physically and to know a bit more how VASQUIAT works and to touch and feel the products.

What were the biggest takeaways?

The people that visited us and the pop-up, we stay with that. It’s a type of person with which we feel very identified. A very independent, creative and cool profile that values emergent designers creating very special pieces that they know they won’t find everywhere all this mix of brands together. 

What would you do differently / do you have any other pop-ups in the works?

We are thinking of doing one in Barcelona which is our city and then to do one maybe in London, Berlin, Paris, etc. We should try different cities. 

How many brands do you hope to support at a time? How do you curate the brands VASQUIAT sells?

We have now in total about 60/70 brands. But the thing is that we don’t have all of these brands at the same time as we sell in pre-order the future collections so once the brand launches the collection we remove it from VASQUIAT till next season. 

We also started IN SEASON now so you have the opportunity to shop pre-order and in season.

What is one of your favorite emerging brands that you’ve brought on? How have you seen them grow since selling their products?

STAND works very well. They are based in Stockholm but they make the most amazing coats and they are all sustainable. The value for money is amazing and they have super special pieces. Everyone wants a coat from them! 

Why “VASQUIAT”? How did you come up with the name?

It was a lawbreaker like the artist but with a V. 

Tell us about your team. Who helped put this pop-up together? How did the bi-rite collaboration come to fruition?

Every member of the team is necessary for VASQUIAT and also the good thing is that we want to create a family. We don’t want the people to come to work and go home, we want them to feel at home while they work. There is a mix of cultures, everyone is very different but at the same, we complement each other. We are very lucky with the team and it’s growing fast! 

For the NY pop up everyone worked very hard and we had a lot of pressure these days but at the end it was worth it! 

We loved collaborating with bi-rite studio because we felt like we spoke the same language. Cat [Snodgrass ] has an amazing taste and understood perfectly what you wanted and needed. It was easy to work with them. 

What are you currently inspired by (outside of fashion?)

My everyday inspires me. Everything I do and every person I meet and of course every new place I visit or even if I visit somewhere I’ve already been there is always new things to discover and to learn. 

If you could give advice to someone who looks up to you, what would it be?

Be hungry. Never stop creating new things or thinking about new ideas you could do in the future because you never know where you will be tomorrow. 

Focus 100% on what you do and try to finish everything you start in the best way you can. When you’re starting something new you can’t imagine how it will be in the future but if you work hard something good will come and it will be worth it, even if it’s just to make you feel you tried everything.

Images Courtesy of Kevin Lombardo and Josephine Leddet.

Stay tuned to Milk for more NYC fashion moments. 

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