Auster is a new vape company that brings you a curated selection of e-liquids. We talked to the brains behind the brand about some of their dope collaborations and the elevated vape life. "



Blowing Clouds with Auster, Your New Vape Obsession

The vape scene has undeniably been blowing up in recent years. We’ve all been caught at one point or another in the trail of a billowing cotton candy vape cloud, piquing at least a modicum of curiosity that often wanes with the tendrils from where it came.

Sprinkle in some good ideas and cool branding, however, and vaping suddenly commands ample attention. Take Auster, the self-described “curated marketplace” that scours the vape industry to bring you the best e-liquids out there, supporting and celebrating the brands that made them along the way. To celebrate its recent launch, Auster is hosting an event tonight in NYC where Point Point, Leikeli47, Isaiah Rashad, Harley Viera-Newton, and MEMBA will be performing.

Auster is no rookie vape establishment; this is the vaping equivalent to fine dining. Blue-ribbon vaping. And naturally, we’re intrigued. We sat down with Ashrant Bhartia, the brains behind the brand, to find out more.

Auster x CCD Interior

Any fun details about the company you can share with us?

In today’s age, people simply expect more from the brands they consume; relationships have transcended beyond merely product transactions to full on human interactions. Therefore, it was important that “community” was central to building out the company. I wanted a brand that celebrates and builds upon the lifestyles (music, fashion, arts, and flavor) of our users rather than on the differences.   

What inspired you to start soliciting artists to curate Auster’s monthly boxes?

Every time you see a show or travel to a new place it’s a powerful cultural experience. We wanted the boxes to capture this expression of beauty and creativity and for each delivery to [Auster’s] subscribers to be meaningful [and include] an element of surprise. Experiences—be they positive or negative—make us the people we are. Through our network of collaborators, we will provide curated experiences that think outside the box.

As technology has connected the world but simultaneously disconnected the individual, we chose to work with artists to provide people an opportunity to engage through offline, live events. These moments create real world memories that foster both individual happiness and a community.

Auster x NKTR

Do you have any fun collaborations in the pipeline? 

For the November launch, Auster’s sub-brand Cypher teamed up with Australian-born, Berlin-based artist Sam Chirnside to produce an exclusive box, an art zine, and to host a gallery exhibit of his ethereal vapor wave art at the private launch event.

What’s in the first box and when will that be available?

The first of four boxes that drop online this month became available yesterday (November 9th), fully equipped with a curated set of four e-liquids along with custom made collateral.

From limited edition silk cravats, mint toothpicks for post-puff fix by well-known vendor Daneson, to sleek metal USBs and kitschy branded pins and patches, Auster presents a new platform each and every month. 

Auster x CCD Box Close Up

What are some of your favorite flavors at the moment?

I’m loving Tropic by Cypher.

The tropics produce some of the richest, aromatic flavors in the world. Captured in this bottle is the intense essence of jackfruit tamed by the sweet nature of mango.

If you could vape anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I see vaping as an introspective moment, a highly liberating choice. I would opt to get out of the city and escape to a place where nature has a more peaceful flow. Where I can walk quietly in any direction to reflect on my thoughts and taste the crisp, fresh air of the great outdoors through my vape!

Images courtesy of Auster.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on art in unexpected mediums.

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