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Bowie Releases Lazarus Music Video on The Eve Before ★

It’s the eve before David Bowie graces us with the release of ★ (pronounced Blackstar)–his 25th studio effort that has critics calling it “the most extreme album of his career,” and saying things like, “David Bowie isn’t so much back on the horse as riding bareback towards a cliff-edge.” Bowie has blessed us with another Johan Renck-directed music video, and it’s the mashup of Coraline and One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest that we never knew we needed.

The track, “Lazarus,” shares its name with Bowie’s still running, off-Broadway musical. The show, an Icarian tale involving alcoholism and aliens, is live til January 17th, and stars Michael C. Hall. Meanwhile, the song and its accompanying video are slow burners, opening up with moody melancholy before taking to the skies. The video follows up the epic 10-minute Blackstar music video, with Bowie donning bandages with buttons for eyeholes around his head, and wriggling uncomfortably in a medical hall bed while reverbed guitar and creeping sax build an ominous atmosphere. Bowie’s vocals may be a little more strained than his Ziggy Stardust days, but they mesh perfectly with this new sound, landing somewhere between Morrissey’s more orchestral efforts and dark jazz.

It’s clear that this isn’t your mama’s Bowie–there’s no undressing the camera brandishing a golden third-eye and turtle-neck scarf–and we’re counting the hours until the album drops. It’s exciting to see an artist in his twilight years, one day away from his 69th birthday–a man who did more at 21 than many have done in a lifetime–exploring new soundscapes in a musical world that remains largely in his debt.

Is it the 8th yet?

Stay tuned to Milk for more slightly-unnerving Bowie obsession.

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