The cover art for Arca's "Mutant" is an accurate representation of our hangover.



Bowie, Tinashe + More New Music Videos To Help Your Hangover

Saturday mornings in the fall can go one of two ways: they’re either a nice time to curl up in bed and avoid aggravating your hangover, or they involve deciding to get up and be a real human. Obviously staying in bed seems like the preferable option here. So to give you some predetermined links to satisfy your half-drunk scroll through the Internet, we’ve rounded up some of the best music videos of the week. We’ve got everything from Scottish bands soundtracking Floridian teens to Bowie’s triumphant return. Hopefully they’ll make you forget about that killer, killer headache.

Arca – ‘Front Load’ 

Arca’s new video definitely features a ‘Front Load,’ which is exactly what it sounds like. You get some really out-of-focus shots of the Bjork collaborator’s dick. It’s all very blurry and alien which fits the whole vibe of his new album Mutants. It’s worth a listen and worth a look, but only if you’re not very squeamish and willing to stick with some weirdo sounds.

CHVRCHES – ‘Empty Threat’ 

Can you think of a better music video premise than suburban goths at a waterpark? While we’re not entirely sure how CHVRCHES went from their previous space-age videos to drunk Florida teens, but we’re sure glad that they did. The video is cute, the song is good, and the juxtaposition between the two makes the whole thing extra fun.

David Bowie – Blackstar

There are no words for the magnificence that is Bowie, so we’ll just present the video for “★” without comment.

Tinashe – Party Favors

This video just makes us want to party with Tinashe. Although the version of the song to get a video is missing the Young Thug verse — which is a shame — it’s still an absolute jam. But then again, basically any song Tinashe touches turns to gold.

Porches – ‘Hour’

A bit of a departure from Aaron Maine’s usual lo-fi indie pop, Porches’ new song ‘Hour’ now has an literally departure-based video. Featuring his real life girlfriend and collaborator Greta Kline (who creates music under Frankie Cosmos) the video is an ominous drive through the pre-dawn hours with the couple.

Caroline Polachek – ‘The Boy Who I’ll See Again’

Made for a MAKE Beauty collaboration, Caroline Polachek — of Chairlift fame — stars in a new video for her song based on the Greek myth of Endymion. It’s all very 1920’s surrealist, with a little bit of opera throw in. So, in other words you should definitely be checking it out.

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