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"Boys Like Me" Is An Exploration of Male Femininity

Happy Valentine’s Day, fam. We’re taking a peak at how love & beauty are expressed within the Milk community; below, Essence Moseley and Aalany McMahan bring together some men in the Milk community to talk about male femininity in a world of gender stereotypes. 

A genuine exploration of male femininity is still rare in a society that emphasizes traditional masculinity. By challenging everything society has instilled in us to believe, we’re squashing phrases like, “Boys don’t cry” or “Don’t act like a girl” and instead embracing the vulnerability and softness that comes with simply being human, regardless of gender. In honor of a holiday that’s all about love, we’ve rallied up some of our guys to speak on self-love and femininity in our zine, “Boys like Me”. Watch the film below and check out the full zine in the slideshow above.

Images courtesy of Essence Moseley 

Film by Aalany McMahan

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