We picked street artist Bradley Theodore's brain before the figurative curtains rose at Adam Selman.



Bradley Theodore Only Eats Sushi During Fashion Week [NYFW]

Bradley Theodore‘s head is pretty unmistakable. And if there’s one thing I could pick out in a crowd of Fashion Week’s creatures of the perpetual indoor night, it’s those gravity-defying dreads. We flagged the Turks and Caicos-born street artist down for an insightful (albeit brief) one-on-one, paint-splattered pants and all.

What are you most excited about this Fashion Week?

I wanna see what Marc’s doing! I liked Tom Ford’s show, that was good. I’m into designers who are artists and who are just themselves.

What’s your daily hair routine?

I wake up, I kind of caress it, and then I just take a shower and let it go.

Do you have any weird fashion week rituals?

Oh man…eat sushi during fashion week. Nothing but sushi!

If someone asked you to paint something right now based on this show, what would you paint?

A beautiful community!

Photos taken exclusively for Milk by Marie Tomanova.

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