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'Bring It On,' Netflix: Everything You Need to Binge Watch in May

The sun is shining (albeit behind clouds), the birds are singing, and my bed is still the only place I want to be. I mean, sure, it may be nice outside, and it is starting to finally feel like summer without the sticky sweat, but it’s also the start of another month. That means two very important things: rent is due and Netflix just restocked its virtual shelves with fresh content to satiate your binge-watching needs. Does the monthly content dump make you feel like this?

We've had worse things hit our face unexpectedly.
We’ve had worse things hit our face unexpectedly.

Good news. Now that you’ve watched all of last month’s recommendations, we’re back to help sort through the new content and figure out what’s good.

The Quotable Classic: Bring it On (2000)

If you are one of the few millennials who haven’t memorized every word to this cinematic masterpiece, here’s all you need to know. This movie is sexy, it’s cute, and it’s popular to boot. It’s bitchin’, it features great hair, and the boys all love to stare (so invite a few over to watch it with you). It’s pretty, it’s cool. It probably dominated your school.

This is the ultimate mean girl movie before Mean Girls was a thing had it all: a cheerocracy, ogling goodies, a character named after the color red who isn’t in Litchfield prison, and an all-star cast including Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Gabrielle Union, and more. (Available May 1st)

The B*tch Fix: Chelsea (2016)

The Internet may have been divided over Chelsea Handler’s four-part docu-series Chelsea Does, but her new talkshow may be more up to your speed. Handler is heading back to the same talk show format that she dominated with Chelsea Lately on E! and dishing out the bitchy pop culture commentary we’ve been waiting for.

The 30-minute show will air every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. From Russia and Japan to Mexico City and the U.S., the show will globe hop to talk about a range of topics that probably includes at least two references to vodka and three mentions of her vagina. Just like old times! (Available May 11th)

Welcome back to the throne, Chelsea. We expect more vagina references.
Get it? The sunshine is her labia.

The ’80s Throwback: Sixteen Candles (1984)

Before My Super Sweet Sixteen confirmed that rich kids are the literal worst people of all time, we had another, more honorable pop culture touchstone to teach us about teenagers. John Hughes‘ Sixteen Candles celebrates manages to celebrate a 16th birthday without anyone bursting into tears because their daddy got them the Range Rover in the wrong color. It does, however, have its fair share of drama.

Molly Ringwald stole our heart when she suffered through every embarrassing situation possible in the film, and continues to steal our hearts today by allowing us to relive her high school experience, rather than ours. (Available May 1st)

The French Obsession: Marseille (2016)

Cancel your therapy sessions. Finally, you can put those erotic feelings you’ve been having about Gerard Depardieu to good use, thanks to the power of Netflix. We’ve had our eye on this French drama for months, and it’s finally about to drop in our laps, hot and ready like a fresh croissant!

Set in the French city of Marseille, the show is here to fill the void left by House of Cards and maybe even teach you some foreign language skills. Depardieu plays Robert Taro, the city’s mayor for 25 years who’s now being threatened by a young protégé. Expect sinister berets throughout and enough French drama to last a decade starring one of the biggest French film stars in history. It may also lead that friend who spent a semester abroad in France to suddenly begin speaking in a heavy French accent. You’ve been warned. (Available May 5th)

The Beautiful Disaster: Shark Lake (2015)

It’s a great month to be Dolph Lundgren, which is something we never thought we’d write. The action star who crashed into your heart with roles in The Expendables, Rocky IV, and over 70 other films you probably haven’t seen, just had a bunch of his films picked up by Netflix. The one that rises above all others is a gem called Shark Lake—and yeah, it’s about a shark…in a lake.

From the preview, it looks like every bad film strung together to create a masterpiece. There’s a shark in Lake Tahoe that is apparently programmed to target pregnant women and Lundgren has been taken out of prison to capture it, but he was also apparently the one to put it into the lake in the first place. We’re honestly not sure what’s happening, but we know it’s a good time and perfect for that bottle of whiskey you’ve been meaning to finish off with your friends.  (Available May 1)


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