As Britain reacts to the decision by voters to leave the European Union, we checked in to see what Britain's top creatives are saying about the shocking news.



Britain's Top Creatives React With Anger and Heartbreak to the Brexit Vote

Against all odds and expectations, Britain has voted in favor of leaving the European Union (also known as the “Brexit“) and the decision has predictably set off a domino effect of panic, fear, and shock. With the final vote at 51.9 percent (or 17,410,742 people) in favor of leaving, compared to 48.1 percent (or 16,141,241 people) in favor of staying, the fate of the country has been decided and, in the hours since the announcement, shit has officially and irreversibly hit the fan. Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation, stating, “I do not think it would be right for me to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination.” His political opponents, Boris Johnson and U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, have praised the results and called today their new “Independence Day.”

It’s a historic move and one that world leaders almost universally didn’t expect to happen. Stock markets across the world have plummeted, the British pound fell to the lowest point in 31 years, and Donald Trump praised the vote as a “great thing” while surrounded by golf balls with Swastikas on them, which is admittedly the least surprising news to come out of this.

The condemnation of the move has come fast and hard from all reaches of the world. We’ve already covered the overwhelmingly universal call by the British fashion industry to stay in the EU, but now that the dust has settled and the country is officially in a fiery panic over severing ties with the now 27-member European Union, we decided to take a look at the reactions from the biggest stars in Britain.

Vivienne Westwood Calls for Intellectuals to Unite

The iconic designer had already spoken out in favor of remaining in the EU and, as news of the split began to unfold, she was one of the first to take to social media and mourn the decision. She’s now calling for peace, love, and the unity of intellectuals to combat the fear that’s currently riddling a good portion of the U.K.

#unity #intellectualsunite #climaterevolution

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Dev Hynes Reacts in Shock at the Results

The Blood Orange singer was in shock that voters actually decided to leave the European Union and reminded people from all walks of life of how unspeakably tragic this decision actually is.

Nick Knight Shares a Scathing Rebuke Against the Brexit

The acclaimed fashion photographer wasted no time to share his thoughts on the move, and did so with an Instagram post that called out the xenophobia, ignorance, stupidity, and fear that’s currently enveloping Britain.

Wolfgang Tillmans Breaks Down the Vote

The German fine arts photographer has been one of the most outspoken voices in the anti-Brexit camp with his  No man is an island” campaign. He responded to the vote to leave the EU in an Instagram post that offered a country-by-country breakdown of votes throughout the UK’s four nations. 

Ellie Goulding Shares Her Fear Over the Vote

The singer took to Twitter to express her fear over what the vote could mean for her country, and for the world.

JK Rowling Reacts With a Heartbreaking String of Tweets

The author who made us all believe in magic spent the hours following the decision on Twitter, where she expressed her wish for magic at this very moment. No doubt many of us are daydreaming about grabbing a Time Turner to head into the past and undo the mess this has caused.

Lily Allen Keeps Her Reaction Short and Blunt

Not one to mince words, singer Lily Allen unleashed a biting tweet that summed up what so many young people are feeling today in the aftermath of the vote.

GoT’s Lena Headey Says What We’re All Thinking

Far away from the fictitious land of Westeros, Lena Headey tweeted out a simple message that gave voice to our nightmares. I mean, now that Britain has voted to leave the European Union, no other global travesties seem that out of reach.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on the Brexit.

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