Cal Travis Oaks brings us into his world of old school timeless vintage for this LA edition of Broke AF.



Broke AF: Cal Travis Oaks Gives a Lesson In Undeniable Classics

There’s nothing better than a classic jean jacket thrown over a white tee. The basics are the most timeless—and for Cal Travis Oaks, consistency when it comes to style is key. For this edition of Broke AF, Oaks took us into his world of old school vintage on a budget, selecting classic pieces to pair with his simple yet standout wardrobe. We’re back and still broke as fuck, but that’s never stopped us from throwing together dope looks on the fly. Watch the full Broke AF LA edition above, and make sure to take notes on how to mirror Oaks’ thrifting expertise.

Talent Cal Travis Oaks at LA Models
Video by Andy Noel and Tegan Butler
Produced by Taj Alwan
Special Thanks to Bearded Beagle

Stay tuned to Milk for more style authority.

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