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Broke AF With Demo Taped

Demo Taped may be the freshest thing to come out of ATL this year, but making damn good music isn’t all this artist is good for. On the contrary, Taped’s (i.e. Adam Alexander’s) creativity spans far beyond tunes—all the way to his thrifty, eclectic style.

On that note, we popped in Beacon’s Closet with Taped for a quick tour de thrift. What followed? Simply, complete style slayage.

“I’d describe my style as me just wanting to be comfortable,” he says. “Whenever I’m looking for new clothes, they have to meet a certain level of comfort. I ask questions like, ‘Can I fall asleep while wearing this?’ If the answer is yes, then that’s something I’ll get. My style is really just based around transitioning from daily life to sleep because I don’t own pajamas. I love all things loose fitting and two sizes two big. I also really like buying event specific shirts at thrift stores so I can make up stories. In fact, I actually won a swimming competition in 1995. I mean, I own the shirt.”

Get the full visual rundown in the slideshow above, and peep Demo Taped’s Soundcloud here.

Stay tuned to Milk for more ways on looking fresh while Broke AF. 

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