We went shopping at SquaresVille vintage to pick up a fresh fit.



Broke AF With Devon Lee Carlson

A couple trips around the sun, and we’ve made our way back to the LA, thrifting goldmine, SquaresVille – it’s just that good. This time, vlogger, model, and Wildflower Cases co-founder, Devon Lee Carlson, walks us through the perfect second-hand shopping experience – accompanied by her son, Martin. We talked Betty Boop, the pricelessness of a perfect vintage tee, and how to express yourself without breaking the bank.

What do you like about SquaresVille?

Honestly everything; the location, the selection of clothes, the layout of the store, the staff. It’s all so great and so organized, and it’s such a pleasant shopping experience.

What did you end up buying?

Quite a few things; My fave from this trip was probably the vintage Lizzie McGuire, Limited Too tee. :)

The best way to style a vintage tee?

As long as it’s a good tee, it can work with anything.

How do you shop – do you start with something in mind that you’re searching for? Or do you get inspired as you go with anything that catches your eye?

I like to have a few things in mind when I start shopping, but I usually will end up getting distracted and finding something completely different than what I planned on buying. I feel like a lot of people can relate lol

You mentioned you like to dress for your mood – could you give us a breakdown of two different moods/looks?

I have literally 2481093 different moods, but maybe my top 2 would be if I’m trying to be extremely comfy but also cute & in a fun mood I’d wear a funny oversize vintage tee with baggy vintage Levi’s and maybe a lil kitten heel or something I could slide on easily. Then my other mood/look would be party girl 101 vibes where I’d wear an extremely flattering dress maybe vintage from the 90s or 2000s with a pair of knee high boots? That’d be a Party Dev look.

What’s your all-time favorite thrift store find?

So hard to chose!!! At the moment I’d say it’s this massive XXL tee that has a photo of a chocolate lab on the front and then under it says “Chocolate Lab” it’s perfect.

Any advice to our friends on a budget that look up to your style?

THRIFT!!! It’s so fun and inexpensive. Also, you end up with super unique pieces that make your wardrobe even more special.


STARRING: Devon Lee Carlson + Martin

DIRECTOR: Charlotte Marsalese

DP: Russell Tandy

VIDEO BY: Charlotte Marsalese + Russell Tandy

PRODUCER: Ella Jayes

MUSIC: Domingo Mariani

GRAPHICS: Marvin Schwaibold

CAMERA ASST: Julian Dakdouk

Special Thanks: Squaresville

Stay tuned to Milk for more on being broke as fuck.

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