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Bror August's Joyful Show Was Inspired By SJP [NYFW]

When I ran into Milk Makeup campaign star Thistle Brown at Bror August’s joyful SS17 show, he described the collection as, “Sarah Jessica Parker walking through Central Park.” Brown, who both modeled in and styled the show, was pretty much spot on. The light, breezy clothes from insanely young designer August Vestbo (he graduated high school just a year or two ago) seemed straight out of late season two/early season three Sex and the City—one hot pink number that put the entirety of stylist Tiffany Luu’s boobs on display reminded me of the Richard Tyler dress Carrie wears when she and Big fell in the Central Park reservoir (I couldn’t help but wonder if Big is a sociopath, and that’s why Chris Noth is so deeply sexy).

Vestbo agreed with Brown’s assessment. “The collection’s called ‘I Love Central Park,’ and it’s kind of a tribute to New York, but particularly Central Park,” he said. “There’s this theme of having a romantic relationship to it.” And the garments themselves were whimsical without being annoying, like a downtown fairy tale. The show, held at the David Lewis Gallery on the Lower East Side, was bathed in bright light, and the models hopped and skipped down the runway, stopping to pose and dance against a wall to the dulcet sounds of mid-2000s teen pop. Besides touches of pink, the color palette was soft, with a few dresses and tops done in a lovely muted green that I want to live in. A number of pieces, including a few cozy hoodies, featured delicate line drawings; my favorites were on a black and white pajama-like wrap top.

Overall, the collection was very much in the style of the attendees of the show, artists in minimal, delicate, perfectly rumpled things. It’s a whole “downtown” (also North Brooklyn/Bed-Stuy?) aesthetic; Vestbo put in time as an intern at Eckhaus Latta, Telfar, and Vaquera, and while his clothes are beautiful and original and I don’t just want to lump a bunch of disparate designers together, you can see how they fit into that community.

The show was below Grand Street, but the Central Park inspiration holds. Carrie and even Charlotte would be comfortable in a lot of this stuff on the Upper East Side. And the whole event was just so happy—there were more smiles at this show than I’ve ever seen at Fashion Week, and my own was about fifty miles wide. “The thing I really love about Central Park is how it’s such a community, and it has a positive focus in a way,” said Vestbo. “It’s all about all these good things like having a good walk and chilling, or getting your wedding photo taken. So I just wanted to have really positive energy.” He did.

Photos taken exclusively for Milk by Maya Fuhr.

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