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"Brotherly Love" Tells The Story of Sibling Intimacy

The bond between two siblings is strong, but twins hold an even deeper connection—one that is often impossible to describe. On National Siblings Day, photographer Desmond Sam set out to capture one pair of twins who’ve been kindred spirits since birth, in an effort to showcase what he calls “a subtle, playful and compassionate side of brothers in a very androgynous perspective.” With Sam behind the camera, the Bailey Twins were able to document and express their bond in a new way, while simultaneously tearing down stereotypes of masculinity in the process.

“The special relationship between twins is saying the same thing at the same time and being just as shocked as everyone else,” they say. “We share a unique confidence between us, knowing our connection operates at a level only we understand.”

Dressed in the artful clothing of Patrick Church, the Bailey Twins are an embodiment of what it means to be lifelong companions and confidantes—with an unspoken, invisible thread tying the two permanently together. If only all friendships were this effortless.

Wardrobe: Patrick Church

Models: Tevin and Talyor Bailey

Styling, Photography & Creative Direction: Desmond Sam

Set Assistant: Javantee Espeut

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