Burberry Prorsum SS16: A line that is now officially closed.



Burberry Has Gotten More Done This Week Than You Have in Six Months

Ah, Friday. The time when we kick back and think about all the things we did this week, roll over, and give ourselves a nice, hearty pat on the back. We got caught up on our favorite shows. We paid a few bills. We did not curse out our landlords. And we managed to go a whole seven days without looking up tragic child stars and their backstories (an unhealthy fascination/huge turn off according to our friends). That sure is something!

But then we remember the week Burberry had, and we realized how little we actually accomplished. For starters, they decided to downsize. That’s right, there will no longer be a Burberry: London, a Burberry: Brit, or even (audible gasp) a Burberry: Prorsum. According to the man in charge of it all, Christopher Bailey, Burberry will be merging into one giant Burberry.

Burberry Prorsum SS16

Don’t see why this matters? It’s okay, a lot of people honestly have no clue what separates Burberry from Burberry from Burberry the Third. One is a label’s womenswear house, the other is their menswear, and the last consists of items plucked from their runway. Merging is very “now.” Just ask Marc Jacobs and LVMH. But that’s not all Burberry’s been up to. Bailey also announced the construction of a huge Burberry factory in Leeds, which would contribute to roughly a thousand jobs.

After working so hard, the good people of Burberry must need a break. They need some good ol’ fashioned cheer in their lives. And now that Halloween is over, everyone from your local grocer to your own mother is decking the halls and spiking their hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps. Do they realize that it’s not December yet? Do they even care? Either way, it’s time to ring the bells and get jolly with it. And Burberry knows. Like your one roommate who has been turning your happy home into paper mache snowflake hell all month, they know and they understand. This is their time to shine.

Which is why Burberry decided to unleash perhaps the most Christmas editorial to have ever Christmas’d in all of Christmas history. We weren’t even invited to the shoot, and we feel Christmas’d on. But on top of the holiday goodness is a celebration of 15 years of Billy Elliott, a film that when combined with Burberry makes for a perfect storm of iconic British-ness. The video features just about everybody ever: from Naomi Campbell to Elton John to star of the original film, and Mrs. Weasley, Julie Walters.

So you could say that Burberry had a pretty action packed week. We’ll go crawl into a hole of self-pity this weekend while we think about all the things we didn’t do.

Imagery by Sonny Vandevelde.

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