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California Classics At Brock Collection

Walking into the Brock Collection’s presentation at The Standard, High Line, was like heading inside a spa. We half expected a cup of cucumber water and a fluffy robe. The air was cool and perfumed, and the music was soft, a mix of Lou Reed and Debussy that inspired everyone to speak in hushed tones. Husband and wife team Laura Vassar and Chris Brock created a beautifully made collection of updated classics, any and all of which would be perfect for a wedding in Newport Beach — which is the exactly where Brock and Vassar tied the knot.

All of the pieces were polished enough for a semi-formal affair, yet light and relaxed, wearable for any sunny California day. We adored a brocade coat paired with perfect Mom jeans, making it a classic outfit that was still very much on trend. Minimal dresses featured Renaissance-style gold lace, and we’re dreaming of a burnt-orange suede skirt. The collection was timeless, like what Jackie O. would wear on a trip to the Malibu Getty. We caught up with Chris Brock to get his take on the collection.

You design with your wife. Have you guys been designing together your whole relationship? What came first?

So, we met at school.

Fashion school?

Yeah, we met at Parsons in our couture class, and we just started working together there. Then after school we just continued to work together. I worked as a tailor and she worked as a stylist. So we always worked together. We did what we wanted to do as individuals and when we met it became a natural fit for both of us.

Can you tell me a bit about your inspiration for the collection? I know you guys got married in Newport, and it’s very Newport to me.

We just moved there a couple months ago, so the development of this whole season was in California. And we were just thinking about things you would wear. That’s sort of the beginning where everything starts for us. We did embroideries for the first time this season, and those were important for us to try. It was really fun. We love the way they came out. We also did lace for the first time. Which again was really fun — and different! And then just cotton was the base for everything. Even the lace pieces are layered back to sheer cotton. They’re not —


Yeah, they’re not heavy. They’re a little different than what you would expect. When you really get into them and start feeling them, you can feel love we put into them.

Do you have a dream woman to wear your collection?

I mean, my wife is mine. And I’m sure she would say everyone. It’s our friends, it’s our family, it’s everyone.


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Photography by Mitchell McLennan and ReviveTheCool.

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