She's too sexy for her country.



Cambodian Actress Is Too "Sexy" For Film Industry

24-year-old actress Denny Kwan, has recently been banned from acting in new movies in Cambodia for an entire year. What did she do, you ask, to warrant such a dramatic sentence? She was sexy, “too sexy,” according to the Culture and Fine Arts Ministry of Cambodia—do we have one of those? In fact, Kwan was so sexy that her sultry selfies apparently violated a code of conduct. While the penalty is undoubtedly harsh, the violation does kind of sound like a back-handed compliment. How mad would you be if a federal bureau of culture said you were too hot to handle? The 12-month break from Kwan is probably just so that they can catch their breath. (But all jokes aside, this is terribly sexist and awful). Apparently Kwan’s infraction has also called for an educational session with the nation’s culture chiefs, teaching the young actress on how to appropriately behave and dress, though she understands that she preserves the right to express and present herself however she pleases. The actress mentioned in an interview that they treated her “like a daughter,” shedding light to the lack of feminist industrial practices and gender equality so prevalent abroad and especially in Asian culture. With that said, Kwan’s current state of punishment has brought forth a major female frenzy among gender equality and feminism empowerment groups across the country. The executive director of Gender and Development Cambodia, a local organization, made a public statement to the ministry stating the following:

For me, I think that the ministry should not do that to her because she has the right as there is no policy or law to prohibit what people wear. 

She continued to accuse the ministry of violating the United Nations’ Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and that women have been the only victims prone to this sort of discrimination within the country. Further, the ministry was denounced for allegations revealing that they had previously contacted Kwan’s potential employers asking them not to cast the actress. There is still, however, certain people who support the organization’s decision, making the claim that it’s just how the Cambodian culture functions and that the actress should respect that. Kwan has responded that “there are many sexy artists. Some are even more than me when shooting, featuring kissing and being erotic… I know it’s my right to dress how I want, but our culture, Cambodian people, cannot accept it. I will now try not to be as sexy as I usually am when I post on Facebook.” While we respect and support the actress’ decision to tone it down, we stand by her sexiness all the way.

So next time you’re standing in front of the mirror thinking: “Damn… It should be a crime to look this good,” just make sure you’re not in Cambodia, cuz…

Source: DailyMail

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Stay tuned to Milk for more on discrimination from foreign film industries. 

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