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Can't Make it to The March? Here Are 4 Other Ways to Show Your Support

A look at 2016’s most badass female-led protests might have you wondering: can such epic moments truly be recreated en mass, yet again? The answer: this is not a zero-sum game of political activism, and the magic that took Poland, Iceland, and South America (among others) by storm can once again be summoned for the march that could define a generation: the Women’s March on Washington. Equally important? Feminist magic isn’t confined by a GPS, and won’t be any less potent if you can’t be in Washington, D.C. on January 21. So grab your girl gang and snag some free WiFi: it’s time to get organized. The clock is ticking!

Your Local Women’s March 

Most major cities are hosting their own local version of the Women’s March on Washington; check online to pinpoint yours. There are so far over 616 nationwide—that translates to roughly 1.36 million participants (and counting!).
landscape-1484064721-leadwashingtonSupport This Kickstarter

…that plans to document Trump’s inauguration, along with President Obama’s farewell the day prior and Saturday’s March: three days of history-making action and activism that will likely change the course of our nation for years to come. Watch the full video below to get a peep at how exactly these pro street photographers plan to shoot, as well as each of their styles and perspectives. The full book, titled Un-Presidented: The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump and the People’s Response, is due out in March or April of this year. 

Donate Directly to The March

The simplest way to show your support is by donating on the Women’s March website. According to the site, “all proceeds will go to logistics and expenses to put on the Women’s March on Washington.” Katy Perry will thank you later!People-Katy-Perry-NHSupport Your Friends Who Are Attending

Think posters, ride share planning, resource organization, and of course, Pussy Power Hats. In the realm of grass-roots political activism, every little bit helps, and there’s always an opportunity to contribute aside from actual day-of attendance. 4c7b111bf9cb2b7cb16f03e5e6528ddb_originalImages via Kickstarter, Esquire, and New York Daily News

Stay tuned to Milk for more from the front lines of nasty. 

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