If Trump wins, get ready to hide in a bunker.



Cards Against Humanity Made A Kit For Surviving A Trump Presidency

Donald J. Trump is the man with a tan, very small hands, and a plan—namely, to destroy America if elected president. If Trump actually beats the TBD Democratic nominee—Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton—what will our plan be? While many Americans plan on just strolling into Canada like privileged refugees, some of us are going to have to stick to our metaphorical guns and ride out this rollercoaster of hell. #Kanye2020 anybody?

The creators of Cards Against Humanity, the card game beloved by both frat boys and my painfully sarcastic family, is here to help. They’ve made the Donald Trump Bug-Out Bag, a product intended “to help you survive the collapse of civilization after Donald Trump is elected President of the Unites States.” It’s a pre-packed duffle bag that contains over a dozen items, including “a hand-crank radio to scan the airwaves for other survivors,” “an application to become a permanent resident of Mexico,” “a laminated card with handy Spanish phrases such as, ‘I am a refugee,'” and “a small golden locket with a photograph of former president Barack Obama.”

It wouldn’t be CAH without some dark and disturbing cards. The Bug-Out bag features the classic game with 25 new joke cards about Trump. It turns out a lot of Trump supporters play CAH, which isn’t a complete surprise, considering the card game markets itself as a “party game for horrible people.” Some Trump supporters voiced their disapproval of the new creation. CAH replied appropriately.

That burn requires immediate treatment. The company also directly tweeted at Donald Trump about the new product.

The bad news, aside from the obvious doom upon us, is that all 10,000 bags have already sold out. The website states, “When Donald Trump is elected President, you will perish in the wasteland. Sorry.” Cards Against Humanity is a cruel stack of realness. All jokes aside, this may be our last “Trump could never be president” laugh. In the words of one of the new Trump cards, “Democracy might not be such a great idea.”

Images via Cards Against Humanity

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