Carly Rae Jepsen's new video, directed by famed photographer Petra Collins, totally slays.



Carly Rae Jepsen + Petra Collins Bring Us Eighties Fantasy In New Video

It’s hard to sit back and watch the world (except for the good people of Japan) collectively ignore the incredible gifts that Carly Rae Jepsen (aka Carly Slay Jepsen) blesses us with on the regular. This problem should be addressed at UN meetings TBH. I only take comfort in the fact that E•Mo•Tion, one of the best pop albums of last year, will live on a cult classic for decades to come. And her newest music video from the album adds to what will be known as a beautiful legacy. At some point.

Badass photographer, artist, Gucci model, and young feminist figure Petra Collins directed the music video for the Sia co-written “Boy Problems,” the track we wish we had to comfort us through high school. It officially premiered today on Tavi Gevinson‘s Rookie, where Collins is a longtime collaborator–even though some lucky ones already saw it when it was mistakenly uploaded earlier this week. The delightfully sparkly video features an incredible cast of some of New York’s coolest girls, including Gevinson, enormously popular models Barbara Ferriera, Diana VerasManon Macaset, and Mina Mahmoodas well as some of our own Milk models, including performance artist Alexandra Marzella and model/designer Hannah Park.

Like E•Mo•Tion, the video emulates the ’80s in the best way possible, from the opening graphics to the cheesy prom straight out of a guilty pleasure rom-com, and Collins’ experimentation with color makes every scene pop. The video shows the kickass group with their boy problems in the most modern and charming sassy ways. Queen Carly, decked out in all black and a gothic crown, cries mascara tears over boy problems on her bed, as we all do. Then they all come together to just dance at the 80s prom of our dreams, because that’s how life should be. Plus the video manages to make coffin selfies looks absolutely fabulous. I know my next Instagram post.

21st Century performance art at its finest.
21st Century performance art at its finest.

As Jepsen told Rookie, “Out of the blue, Petra reached out to ask if she could make a video for her favorite track from the album: ‘Boy Problems.’ What she didn’t know is that I had been following her online, via Instagram and other outlets, for a while and had become a HUGE fan of her photographs and artwork. I think she has a very gifted eye for a refreshing look at youth and beauty, and the way she plays with color always stands out to me. So the answer was an immediate YES! We met that first day in New York and were giddy with creating something new together and I am so pleased for how the dark and glittery scenes we imagined turned out.”

So are we, Carly. So are we. Now can we get a dark and glittery video for “Gimmie Love”, please?

Image via Spin

Stay tuned to Milk for more glittery goodness.

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