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Casey Conrad Talks Luna Bones, Madison Beer, & Malibu

Casey Conrad has been a walking billboard for her brand long before it actually existed. A hobby-turned-business, Luna Bones is the product of a lifetime of jewelry making come to fruition, and now, with the likes of Madison Beer sporting her goods, it’s safe to say Conrad’s vision has fully come to life.

Crediting much of her success to Instagram and one badass female role model (hi mom!), Luna Bones is proof of Conrad’s combined creative and practical geniusthe best of both worlds, if you will. MILK.XYZ sat down with the designer to get a peek at the process behind these pieces (they’re all handmade in Malibu), what prompted Conrad to transition from hobby to career, and what’s next for Luna Bones. Plus, we couldn’t part ways without getting a little footage of some new designs, modeled by Olivia Darin and Konoka Smith and shot by Yasmine Diba; check it below.

When did you start making jewelry?

My mom actually taught me how to make jewelry when I was only five! My mom’s such a creative person, and it gave me this passion to make things with my hands and have something beautiful to show for it.

When did the hobby of making jewelry segue way into making it for others?

My mom and I would take trips to the bead store every weekend or so all throughout my life, but it wasn’t until I was in 9th grade that I started to really hone in on my personal style. That’s when girls from my high school began to see me wearing pieces and ask to buy them off me. I wasn’t quite ready to get serious with it at that point as I had just started high school so I kept it as more of a hobby.

When did you first start Luna Bones?

I officially branded Luna Bones in August of 2016.

Where did the name Luna Bones come from?

I took ceramics class all throughout high school and was always sculpting animal bones and skulls. Ever since I can remember I’ve had this weird fascination with animal bones and skulls (a bit ironic since I follow a vegan diet). When I was brainstorming a brand name I knew I wanted “Bones” to be incorporated, and “Luna” has always been one of my favorite names (and the name of one of my cats). I paired the two together and loved the way it sounded.

What has been your biggest source of inspiration?

It’s hard to say what my biggest inspiration is because I’m constantly inspired, everyday by almost everything. There are specific inspirations I’m excited to pull from in the future, like my Taiwanese and Greek backgrounds. I love being bi-racial and both cultures are so amazing and interesting. I’d love to be able to tie them into my line; it would be super personal and I think all customers would feel that.

What is the best of advice you’ve been given?

The best advice I’ve been given is to always stay true to your vision; and to not deter from where you want your brand to go. You never want to allow yourself to be too influenced by others and trends; it’s easy to get lost.

What is your favorite piece?

I can’t pick just one! I think my favorite pieces at the moment are the “Ally Necklace” and the “Dagger Hoops.”

Aside from your unique designs, what do you think has gotten you this far in just one year?

I think I did a good job of establishing a cool and unique image and vibe of my brand and a lot of people have really gravitated towards that, although I definitely owe a lot to social media. My Instagram has been a big platform for me to share my ideas and pieces with my followers and allowed Luna Bones to really grow. Being a new entrepreneur in the industry, it can be hard getting responses from bigger social media influencers, but when I am looking to do collaborations, most of  my partnerships have started from Instagram influencers, such as Madison Beer actually reaching out to me, which is always a really awesome feeling knowing someone genuinely likes my pieces.

What should we expect to see in the near future for Luna Bones?

I’m really excited for the future of Luna Bones. It’s so new, I can really take it in any direction. As I mentioned before, I will definitely be incorporating my Asian and Greek backgrounds into future collections, and I can’t wait to see how that comes together. For the near future, I’d love to focus on my hoops and really amp them up; my charmed hoops do really well with my customers so I think they’d love that.

Images and video courtesy of Yasmine Diba

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