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Catch up With Three Hip Hop Heavyweights That Slayed January

Somehow, we’ve already reached the end of the first month of 2016. While most of us are struggling to go to the gym once a week and stop buying that Snickers bar from our bodega at 3AM, a small handful of artists have been slaying the hip hop game with an unrelenting flow of new material. They’ve released entirely new albums, some singles, and a couple collabs we’ve been dreaming about. To celebrate their domination of January’s music scene—and to inspire us to finally clean that dish that’s been in our kitchen sink for a week—we present to you the three most hard-working artists in hip hop this year.

Willow Smith

The youngest Smith kid and outspoken activist left her mark on 2015 in a big way. She surprised us with her first album, Ardipithecus (named after the scientific name for the first hominid bones found on Earth), in December. Since then, she has shown a lack of chill with a steady stream of new music on her Soundcloud. In the past three weeks alone, she’s released “RTA #2,” “F Q-C,” “Spiral,” “INDIGOINDASOUL,” “TnGwee#3,” “Homecoming,” “TnGwee #7,” “F Q-C #idk,” and last night’s “SomethingInsideTheWind.”

At this rate, a new album’s worth of material will be available before the month is even over. Taken as a whole, the songs show a new range of sound that samples just as many xylophones as it does electric guitars—and Willow is to thank for that. She helped produce a lot of the new jams, because of course she did. Willow’s commitment to her music is a clear sign the little songstress is ready to slay the year.


When talking about Future’s achievements, it’s best to forgo his name and look to the past. In 2015 the bad boy rapper released his surprise third album Dirty Sprite 2 and linked up with the 6 God himself for a joint album appropriately called What a Time to Be Alive. Both works of art filled our quota of lyrics about lean, pills, and having anonymous sex in abundance, and took over the hip hop scene—even inspiring at least one wedding theme.

Now that the year of surprise albums has passed, we figured Future would take it easy as he finished up work on his next album. Naturally, however, we were dead wrong. A few days ago, the rapper pulled yet another Beyonce moment and dropped a new mix called Purple Reign that brought the Internet to its knees for a hot second. The lyrics are characteristically Future in that they also deal with sex, drugs, and more drugs, but this time the sound is a bit more visceral and drawn out. He’s focused more on introspection than anything else, and we’re definitely into it. If Purple Reign is any indicator, this is going to be a killer year for everyone’s fav dark rapper.

Kanye West

By now the entire world seems to be in a state of panicked euphoria over the news that the self-proclaimed “greatest living rock star on the planet” is going to debut his new album in true rock star fashion. Formerly known as Swish, Kanye’s Waves album has been on the horizon for months, and it’s finally going to drop with a huge event at Madison Square Garden on February 11th. Details are a little bit hazy so far, but it looks to be some kind of live performance that’ll coincide with the Yeezy Season 3 debut, and it’s probably going to be the most lit event of a lifetime.

On top of all of the insanity over his new album, Kanye has also revived his weekly G.O.O.D. Friday drop of new tracks—and that’s in addition to the truly insane number of singles he released last year, including “Facts,” “FourFiveSeconds,” “Wolves,” “All Day,” and “Only One.” Luckily we’ve got all these tracks to keep our blood pressure down as we wait for the “album of the life.”

Stay tuned to Milk for more hip-hop majesty.

Image by Kathryn Chadason.

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