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Catching Up With COQUI For The Release of "Rewind"

At the end of last year, we introduced you the SoCal Latino psychedelic sounds of Coqui. Now that the artist has finished his world tour with 30 Seconds to Mars, he’s been able to focus more on curating his own sounds (and that means more music). Premiering his newest single “REWIND” today on Milk, Coqui sat down with us to talk about the beat and the honest lyrics behind the song. Check out the interview below accompanied by photos from Justin Brooks.

Sam, you’re back, and you brought some groovy new tunes with you! Talk to us about the latest single, “REWIND”.

The beat is so fun and has a great rhythm – it’s a little more playful than the previous, “Asleep Again”. Talk to us about it… did you start with the beat first or the lyrics? What’s the creative process that goes in to mixing your songs, are you pretty hands on?

I actually had the beat for about a year before I sat down and actually wrote the song to it. I had been trying to find an artist to rap over it but wasn’t having any luck. I always wanted to write a song about my family and the vibe of this beat was just perfect. Eventually I just decided to try it myself and to my surprise the song came together in less than a few hours.

As far as mixing goes for Coquí , I’ve been pretty hands on. I mixed and mastered this song and “Asleep Again” in my home studio in burbank.

The lyrics really illustrate a whimsical relationship of family and reality of life – what is the inspiration behind the new single?  

This song was actually inspired by the passing of my Abuela in 2018. Unfortunately, she had undergone a super intense heart surgery that she did not recover from. During the time of her recovery, she was obviously heavy on my mind all day every day. This woman was the glue that kept our family together and the idea of losing her was unbearable. Two weeks before she passed, I was sitting in my studio thinking about her. Think about my family. Thinking about all the amazing advice she’s given me throughout my entire life. That was when the first line came to me “When the weight of the world seems to pull you behind, just stop.. Take a breath and rewind.” It was my abuela speaking right to me. I cried like a baby.. then wrote and recorded  the rest of the song all in a day.

“When the weight of the world seems to pull you behind, just stop, take a breath and rewind” – Is it all true, like how do you feel writing something so personal, describing childhood and family, for the public to listen to?

It’s actually a pretty exciting feeling to write something this personal. I’ve shared this song with most of my family and they all went crazy about it. My dad was actually the one that convinced me to release it. He told me this was one of the most honest songs he’d ever heard me sing.. and it’s true. Line for line these words were taken from chapters of my life. I like writing songs from the heart. It feels natural. It’s more fun to sing. So yeah idk, I’m just stoked to share this with everyone.

Do you find the song introspective for you, like reminding you to “take a breath and rewind” What does REWIND mean TO YOU?

Yeah absolutely. It’s a reminder that no matter how hard life gets, sometimes you just have to take a step back. Once you see the big picture, you’ll figure it out.

You previously explained, this series as an artistic experiment for you to express your sound and all sorts of new ways, can we expect each song to sound different or all uniformed…..like will they all compliment each other or be a very much independent experience for listeners?

To be honest I can’t really say. I’m just making music that feels good to me right now. I’ve definitely been influenced by a lot of multi genre artists like Childish Gambino and Toro y Moi who can go from genre to genre – each song still sounds like the same artist. I just want to make my own versions of that with the genres that inspired me and I want each song to take my listeners to a unique place in their mind.

How do you want your fans to identify with this series?

I hope they’ll dig it. But honestly, this song is more for my family and friends than anything. So if you don’t get it, it’s all good. It probably ain’t for you.

Can we anticipate any collaborations with your new series?

Yes I’m working on a few tunes right now I’m really hyped on.  Can’t mention any names yet but you’ll hear about it when it’s ready.

What kind of sounds can we expect in March? And where can we stay tuned for more!?

Hah well you can definitely expect more Roland Juno 106 on a lot of my new stuff. My buddy Jordan Galvan (shoutout) let me borrow his insanely cool synth that sounds like the 80s and I’m obsessed with it.

Stay tuned to Milk for more artists on the rise.

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