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Celebrate Earth Day With These 5 Woke AF Environmental Docs

Earth Day 2K17 is poised to be a bittersweet one: though we’ll be celebrating sustainable fashion and food, plus general eco-friendly practices, we’ll also be supporting the March for Science, whose very existence is a direct result of an administration that has decided to completely reject environmentally sound legislation.

That said, there’s no time like the present to further inform yourself on the cusp of what could be a four-year fight to protect the environment itself. Gather the troops: it’s time to Netflix and chill with our lovely planet Earth.


If the sustainable food movement is the future (here’s hoping), we’re all in…and this doc is the perfect place to start. Educate yourself and take a peek at what’s next for the food industry and where it’s headed.

Chasing Ice

As far as edge-of-your-seat docs go, this one takes the cake. Travel to Iceland with photographer James Balog as he documents the slow (or, not-so-slow) melting of the Earth’s glaciers. Time-lapse photography takes this one from what could’ve been a tad boring to the most thrilling nature doc you’ll see all year.

Food Choices

What happens when unreliable health information is paired with an incredibly tempting (and often excessive) food industry? You can probably answer that question on your own—there’s a case study in almost every American household—but Food Choices is digging even deeper, to the source (and, here’s hoping, the solution to) the problem. The first step? Veggies, veggies, and more veggies.


An oldie but sadly still relevant goodie, Gasland takes fracking to an anecdotal level with story after story detailing the horrors of contaminated water in the midwest. Follow filmmaker Josh Fox as he uncovers the downside to natural gas drilling (Gasland was made prior to the Flint, Michigan crisis, but yes, that’s where we’re going with this).


It’s no secret that factory farming is detrimental to the environment, but Cowspiracy takes it to a whole new level: so far, in fact, from the status quo, that filmmakers Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn were arguably putting themselves in danger by producing their doc. All that effort alone should compel you to take a peek, but be warned: you might want to put down that cheeseburger before you hit play. Just sayin’!

Featured image via Cowspiracy

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