Jean-Paul Goude's legendary works, including ones with the iconic Grace Jones are on display now.



Celebrate Jean-Paul Goude’s Iconic Work at New Exhibition

Provocative photographer and artist Jean-Paul Goude is an absolute legend (he was even before his infamous Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine “break the Internet” cover). His thought-provoking and surrealist visuals, including Naomi Campbell running with a cheetah and a Citroën Cx 2 commercial that was banned in several countries, have taken on a life of their own. Now, his famous works, and their creation process, are being honored in an innovative way.

Milan’s Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea opened a retrospective on Goude on Saturday, revisiting a longtime touring exhibition. Entitled So Far So Goude, (LOL) it displays a wide variety of sketches, drawings, and pictures created by Goude over the span of his long, illustrious career in Paris and New York.

The retrospective aims to explore the origins of Goude’s works, paying specific attention to the different women that inspired him since childhood. “We looked back in time and we tried to determine the roots of my work,” Goude told WWD in an interview. “This clearly indicates my preferences.”

Much of the exhibition is dedicated to his most well-known muse, and former girlfriend, the legendary Grace Jones. The pair have collaborated together on some of her most iconic imagery, including several album covers and editorial photoshoots. According to WWD, Jones is portrayed in multiple ways in the exhibition, including ones that accentuate her African roots (the photos are not without controversy).

The exhibition also focuses on Goude’s unusual advertising campaigns for numerous luxury brands, including Chanel, Kenzo, Shiseido, and Cacharel. It will be on display through June 19th. Anyone have suggestions for cheap, last-minute flight deals?

So Far So Goude is on display at the Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea in Milan through June 19th.

Images via WWD and VMAN

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