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Celebrate Rihanna's New Makeup Line With Her 5 Best Beauty Looks

Do you think Rihanna ever gets tired of ruling the world? Seriously, this woman is at the top of, like, everyone’s game right now. And after months of dropping cryptic hints, the singer has finally officially announced the upcoming launch of her new makeup line. Earlier today, the news was released that a deal had been struck between the singer and the Kendo division of LVMH, which is already the proprietor of both Kat Von D Beauty and Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Rihanna’s brand, Fenty Beauty, is going to be way bigger and badder than any of her previous ventures into the world of beauty products—“a beauty rocket ship,” a Kendo exec describes it, “that will appeal to a huge and diverse global audience.”

Hope everything's waterproof!
Hope everything’s waterproof!

Honestly, it’s surprising that it even took this long for Rihanna to launch her own line of beauty products—and for a few reasons. One, it doesn’t matter if it’s music, perfume, clothing, sneakers, you name it—just about everything this woman touches turns to gold. Two, who wouldn’t want to emulate Rihanna? This woman’s makeup is always on point, and we could all benefit from her guidance.

Unfortunately, Fenty Beauty isn’t hitting stores until Fall 2017. Uggghh. But in the meantime, we gathered some of the pop star’s most iconic beauty looks, to whet you palette (pun intended). 

Evidently, a nude Swarovski look pairs well with a smokey eye.

This. Is. Historic. RiRi brought the jazz age realness to the new millennium when she rocked this Adam Selman ensemble to the 2014 CFDA Awards. A smokey eye and a nude lip shouldn’t be anything revolutionary—but naturally, as with anything Rihanna does, it totally was.

2014 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals
Lest you forget, this is the night she rightfully took home the Style Icon Award.

Nothing says Anti like a bold brow…is what we always say. 

With dark lips and wildly thick brows, Rihanna strikes a balance between masculine and feminine beauty we didn’t even know existed for her Anti album. And as excellent as Milk Makeup’s brow pen is, we’re also hoping Fenty Beauty includes some brow enhancers of its own, so we can recreate these bad boys for ourselves.

Why is it that when we try on black lipstick, we look like we just went to war with squid ink pasta?

When on the cover of Vogue, do as Riri does and match your lips to your hair.

Just like she does with the eyebrows, the singer here proves her ability to take a statement piece, like a bold red lip, and crank it up to 11. This is next-level Jessica Rabbit. To recreate this look, all you’ll need is a red lip color, some Manic Panic, and an overdose of confidence.

THIS is fire—case closed.

Riri makes a fine case for getting stranded on an island. 

How can this woman look just as good in moody blues as she does in raucous reds? It’s absolutely maddening. This Mad Max-ian shot from the cover story of W Magazine‘s September 2014 issue has us daydreaming of an exotic alien getaway, on some sparkly, post-apocalyptic paradise island.

Those eyes!

Go natural with a stick figure look.

Of course, Rihanna is notorious for her adventurous looks, but she’s not afraid to keep it real. No filter, no makeup, no nonsense—this might be our favorite look of hers to date. We can only dream of looking this naturally, effortlessly sexy.

We love a long neck.

Images via Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and W.

Stay tuned to Milk for more beauty looks we’re coveting. 

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