Peep these coat-tastic music videos inspired by Drizzy's latest look.



Celebrate "Sneakin" with These 5 Music Video Style Moments

On the heels of Drake’s pink fur getup in his latest vid, “Sneakin,” we thought it only fitting to round up some of our fave winter coat moments in music videos past. With cuffing season upon us, a Drizzy-inspired jacket is the perfect alternative for those of us flying solo…we’ve gotta stay warm somehow, right?

Sean Paul in Temperature

Sean Paul and his lady squad rock the white snow suit like no other. And the fur-lined hood? A must.

Brandy in Baby

Brandy alternates between a white puffer jacket in a sea of all black and an even puffier pink number that steals the show.

Drake (again) in Started from the Bottom

The coat master does it again. Obviously, we can’t get enough of Drake in his winter gear, but who can blame us?

Rick Ross in Triumphant with Mariah Carey

Where Mariah Carey’s involved, there’s usually only room for one in the spotlight. Rick Ross is an exception—maybe it’s the massive mink coat paired with shades and a gold glitter backdrop, but he’s pretty hard to miss.

Rihanna in Work

The only way to make a fur coat better? Three things: make it pink, add a hood, and put it on Rihanna. She might just be the only one able to outdo Drake at his own game, and let’s be honest: he’s fine with that.

Featured image by OVO

Stay tuned to Milk for more music video outerwear inspo.

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